• The wind blew in my face and I could barely see. I couldn’t hear the police cars chasing after my speeding motorcycle, but I new they were there.
    “80…90,” I whispered, glancing at my speed. There wasn’t one person in site, but what do you expect in the middle of nowhere? Definitely not cops, I thought as I stole one quick look over my shoulder.
    “Pull over,” one said into a blow horn. I knew I had nowhere to go, but I would never give in.
    Directly ahead was a rather large rock, and then it hit me- the idea, I mean. They were gaining on me now, they were just seconds behind. I bit my lip and rammed into the rock.
    Letting go off the handles, I flew out and over it. Then, a loud crash and an explosion rang out. I turned to see the two cop cars in flames on top of my bent motorcycle. They were dead, that was for sure. I turned and squinted at the sun.
    “Now what?”