• Chapter 1
    I was laying on the broken asphalt two bullets in my stomach. I knew it was over, I was going to die. I was bleeding severely and just as I was about to die I saw a shadow approaching me. The shadow turned into a man in his sixties.
    “It’s not your time.” He said with a sly grin on his face then I blacked out. The next thing I know is I’m on a table with the man putting something in my brain.
    “What’s happening, where am I? Who are you?” I asked in a panic, and then I saw that I was chained to the table.
    “I am just improving you. There, you’re finished.” He said with a crazed smile.
    I felt something in my body as if it was taking over my brain. My eyes turned red and I had a need to kill. I broke the chains and saw my nails turning into 6 inch claws. I charged at the man, my speed was incredible I slammed into him, and sliced him apart. What did I become?

    Too be continued.