• 1. The Resistance

    The weight of the foot is too much. The monster is crushing me. I only have one shot… I aim, and fire. The monster is shot in the head. It falls to my left and the weight of the foot lifts. I pant. I calf as I am trying to get rid of whatever is inside of me (other than my organs, if you were wondering). I sit up.

    If you are wondering, I am the Resistance. The world collapsed after our recession… Russia and the Americans had a war, leaving animals mutated… At least a few. The rest of the people are hypnotized to fallow the government… they……

    I can’t talk. I try to stand, but my legs are Jell-O so I fall. I sit down, shacking from the attack.

    “You need help?” Someone says. I glance in the direction of the voice. There, standing and staring, is a person, not hypnotized. I blink twice, and then nod. The person seems to be smiling, because the person comes over and extends a hand. I take it and the person pulls me up. I lean heavily on the person. I see it’s a male, about thirty. I look at the person, and then behind the person. My eyes widen. I see a scorpion, ten times bigger than they should be.

    “Behind you!” I shout. I dive behind a rock. I know I’m too weak to fight. The person turns around, and snaps its fingers. the person points at the scorpion, and it lights on fire. I stare in awe. the person looks at me. I see the person staring laughing at me, and I stop gaping.

    “It’s a little…Skill…I have. Ah, it is my favorite. So you aren’t under their control? What’s your story?” The man asks.

    “Well, I came home after a long day at the government building. I see our regular food, mush, I ate it, and something tasted funny. Next thing I know, I am lifting concrete blocks to create a pyramid for the president so that he will be safe. I drop my block and I stare at the sky. I don’t see the sun. I stare at my old friend, and his eyes are… they had no color. It looked like he was dead. I look at my mother, and she looks the same way. I look all around me, and then freak out. I run down from the pyramid, and try to dodge all the people. I saw them chasing after me…I ran as fast as I could. I ran out of the fence guarding us from the outside, but an invisible force pulls me out. I crawl through a small hole and ran free. I saw guns on the ground and decided since I wasn’t in the safe place; I might as well grab them.

    “The people in the fence found me…and tried to drag me back into that rat hole. I…I…I shot the guards in the head and they went down. I ran far away, and here I am. Trying to live… A refugee… … that’s how I am here.” I say.

    “Hmm… That’s odd. They normally don’t come back once you crawl through. How many blocks can you carry up there?” The person asks.

    “Um… Five if I have meat, two otherwise.” I say. The man’s eyes widen. the person stares at me.
    “My name is Geoffrey… Yours?” The man asks.

    I gulp. It could be a trap. “Zaren… why?” I ask.

    “Just wondering… say Zaren, do you wanna travel with me? I mean, we are both the only ones we met that are not hypnotized. And maybe if we find more, we can get them on our side. Think about it! If we get rid of the government, then people will be free! Will you?” Geoffrey says.

    “You have a point but… What if this is a trap? I mean, I just met you and I still don’t trust you.” I say. I feel dizzy. I realize I am hungry. I look in my backpack, and I am out of food. I blink twice, try to stand, and fall over. My eyes close when I hit the ground. I hear Geoffrey call my name, but don’t respond.

    I wake up in the guy’s house…Geoffrey was it? I think so… Anyway, my head hurts. Same with like, every mussel in my body… Oh no. I look at the mush, and sigh. I run out, grabbing my gun and backpack. I run through the same hole and run to where I met Geoffrey. I wait.

    “Hey! Your back,” Geoffrey says from behind me, “The people took you back. I tried to kill them, but I was afraid of hurting ya!” I smile. For the first time, I am glad to see another human and remember it! I stare at Geoffrey and then back up. Behind him, I see the biggest, ugliest, and most rabid bear in the world. I run forward and grab Geoffrey and pull him. I run, dragging him. I don’t care if he can shoot fire, I just wanna get outta there!