• "Why is she coming at us we r her daughters and i thought she was supposed to be dead?" Crystal said. " Just stay behind me whatever u do and if another one comes warn me i dont know long this could take ok crystal." Saphfire said.

    Saphfires and Crystals mom r coming at her she runs at her to throws her mom into the wall she, and she starts crying. She knows that if she kills her that its her fault and if she doesnt she gets killed along with sister, and she wont let that happen.Her mom gets up throws Saphfire aginst the brick walls her head starts bleeding again. Crystal is scared she stands up and goes after her mom with the dagger. Her mom comes at her picks her up by the throat almost about to snap her neck. Until Saphfire gets up knockes them both down she kicks her mom in the face and in the chest and she cracks a rib.
    saphfire than goes for her dagger and stabs her in the heart knowing what she just did she knows that she has to leave before she starts crying.

    "Come we have to leave before more come or before dad comes if he is even her ok crystal and we cant stop running till we r far away from this place." Saphfire said. "Okay lets go because i think i can hear more coming so how about we start running now." Crystal said.

    They start running down the hall noticing that a window is in front of them and a trail of vampires behind them. They think that if they go into the light the vampires cant come out of the building till dawn. So they jump out a 3 foot story building landing on there feet. But they thought that every one falls unless they have some type of powers. They start running south into the woods knowing this was probably a bad idea to do. But then the sun is starting to go down, and they start running a lot faster knowing vampires r very fast runners.

    They see a building with lights they run into it not knowing what to expect whats in the house.

    Than when they enter they see 3 vampires feeding on a little girl a dad and a mom. They see the warm blood gushing to the floor. Than all of the vampires look at them and start walking torward them knowing there blood is warm also. But whats going to happen next.

    to be continued...