• I trudged across the golden field of wheat, keeping my head straight ahead. I couldn’t look back. I would hate myself forever if I turned around and walked back to the group. And after insulting The Shadow, it seemed impossible apologize. He seemed so confused and hurt; it would just make me feel worse if I had to see him again. I rubbed my eyes and watched the ground as I kept walking. I had no idea about where I was headed, but I didn’t care, either.

    The field’s color began to change as the ground became brown, and suddenly, I was walking on soil that was blanketed by lively green grass, pushing my way through tough trees. I looked up and gasped. I was in the woods. I looked back and felt like crying. There were thousands of trees blocking my way.
    ‘Its okay, Ren. Just keep going. Someone will find you…’ I started walking again, and the sky turned to a dark shade of purple. Shivering, I climbed over the boulders and hesitantly tip-toed over the sticks and stones on the floor. Tears began to swell in my eyes. ‘You’re so stupid, Ren. Who do you think you are, walking all alone in this place? Stupid, stupid, stupid.’ I wiped my eyes and sat down on a wobbly log. My feet looked disgusting and worn out, my hands were dirty and stained with blood. My wounds no longer felt like wounds. It was like they had magically healed along the way. I stood up and looked straight ahead. I could see something shining; rippling.


    I ran in and out of the trees, getting closer and closer to the lake. All of a sudden, the trees were no longer around me, but behind me. It was like I was on the shore of a beach, but no one was there and it was much, much smaller. I cautiously approached the lake, peering into what held my reflection. I didn’t look as bad as I thought I did. My shaky finger crept towards the water. Once my finger tip touched the water, the whole lake rose and washed over me. I was being pulled into the vast area. I was beginning to panic. Suddenly the swishing and swaying of the lake stopped and I found myself in the middle of it. I looked down, and saw my reflection as it sparkled in the water. Reaching my hand up, my fingers gently ran through my image. Realizing that this could be a weird sort of trap, I hurriedly swam to the shore. I also realized that I lost my phone and my clothes in the woods. Left with short shorts, ankle socks, and half a tank top, I shivered and tried to find something to keep me warm.

    It was useless. I was stranded on this lake, all alone, with nothing to keep me warm, and no one to tell me I was going to be fine other than myself. At least the water had cleaned me off. I sighed and sat against a tree.
    I fell asleep with my fingers crossed.