• Some where in Florida there was a 16 year old girl.Her name was Sara.She went to bed it was about 10;00 pm when she had a weird dream. And as she tosses and turns she feels something very cold on her hip so she moved around and it was still there.When she looks there is nothing there she falls back to sleep.When She gets up for school she fells sick so she stays home she watches some tv and falls a sleep.That night she wakes up and a hot guy is staring at her. She see's his teeth and how pale he is.He was cold to the touch She figured out he's a vampire.she said its my dream to be one of many.The vampire says i am one of many and your my vision.She say take me away.Take me to be yours.For i shale be happy as a vampire.He takes her to him family they agree to turn her in to a vampire.She was bitten and after a couple days she said change me back. he said its to late she says i want to go back to get some stuff. he takes her back and get some of her stuff know they are on of many.As they build there family they grow closer together.Then on july7 it was time to prepare for battle.She hid the kids far away.The battle started and the fought throw the night the broke away at sun rise Sara's team had one.When she went back to get there kids they where gone the looked for days.After the 6th day past they found them in the tree fast asleep.It was there sleeping week.They where so happy that they found there kids.They move away to and had one baby boy out of 2 girls.It was the most wonderful time of the month.when they where u6 years old they got all there vampire living style down.............to be continued exclaim

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