• I hardly slept from the niose of the city it was louder than any of the Oak elve's celebrations. I sat on my bed thinking what I would of done back on the farm today, about the hill, and the pastures, about my secret guest who'd come and comfort me, then I thought back to the time it touched my face that warm hand even if it had icy fingertips. And the smooth cool lips on my forehead. I awoke from my daydream with my cheeks a deep rouge, when I heard a crash from down stairs I heard my brother run down the stairs cursing, then yelling, once he got to the bottom apparently he knew the person and hadn't planned them coming over. I slowly moved over to the door turned the handle and sat at the top of the stairs.

    "Drake you ditz why are you here so late?" wisperd my brother

    "It's all over the distrct that you have some country beauty staying here. called Drake

    "She's my sister! Drake, go home"

    "Can I at least see her?"

    "NO! She's asleep now, and I don't want some complete fool like you around my sister!"

    "Come on, with all the noise we've been making she's bound to be awake by now."

    "But your still a fool."

    "And a handsome one at that, thank you."

    "You can see her in the morning Drake, GO HOME!"

    At that my brother started to come back to the stairs I tried to get up but was too slow with my night gown tripping up my feet. My brother saw me before I could even stand up "Orla!?" he scolded. I was in trouble, but worse, Drake can dashing to the bottom of the stairs and before my brother could stop him he saw me. I was in my room before I knew it. There was more arguing downstairs the front door opened then closed. then I heard my brother open my door he was really mad.

    Kailen glared at me through the doorway he was upset that I had easedropped on him and his friend. I sat curled up on my bed with my head resting on my knees, awaiting my punishment, but then he relaxed, smiled, and said "You haven't changed a bit." After, he closed the door, telling me to get some sleep, as he headed back into his room. "What does he mean I haven't changed a bit? I've grown at least an inch since we last saw each other " I huffed clearly upset by his words.