• Hunter and I walked out to the training field, but no one else was out here yet, just us.

    " Okay Hails, you want train now?" Hunter asked.

    i smiled at him. " Your probably gonna kick my a**, so im having second thoughts."

    " Awww, is the little Hailey scared of the big bad Elf?" He teased.

    that got me pissed. " Okay, Hunter. im gonna beat the sh*t out of you." i threatened.

    He just laughed. " Hails, please dont threaten me. we both know that you would never do that."

    i sighed. " God why can't you be like all the other annoying guys that kissed me instead of my awesomely cute mentor?" i asked.

    He smiled at me. " Because I love you and i know all your of you secrets."

    I smiled back. " I love you too. Now can we get back to the lesson?"

    " Oh, right. So, Hailey what do you want to learn today?" he asked.

    " How to kick your a**." i muttered.

    He heard. " Well, the first thing when it comes to fighting elves is that, they're quick. and since your not a full elf yet, your not fast enough."

    I glared. " I ran with wolves dumbass, and i kept up with them. im fast enough." i felt guilty for calling him that.

    " It's okay Hailey. you got anoyed and when you get annoyed you call people stuff without meaning them." he smiled at me. " Anyways, even though you ran with wolves, you still need to be faster. So, you have to run the field 20 times everyday. and on the last run, you have to race me."

    " Do you love to torture me?" i asked.

    " No, i just want you to be safe. especially since you have a knack for getting attacked." he smiled again.

    I sighed. " Fine, lets get this over with."

    so i ran the fields 20 times, and on the last time, i raced Hunter. he beat me.

    i collapsed on the ground. " Oh my god."

    Hunter sat next to me. " What is it?" he asked.

    " I am so f***in sore." i groaned.

    " Oh well, i guess you cant learn." Hunter shrugged.

    " I am so ready to kill you right now. Your the one who did this to me." i glared.

    " Awwww, Hailey. you dont really want to kill me." He smiled and look in to my eyes.

    They were the most prettiest gold i have ever seen. i couldnt help but calm down. " Oh fine! you win."

    " Thats what i thought." He said.

    I got up. " Okay, Mr. I Can Do Whatever The Hell I Want, how about you.........." I blacked out.

    I was in a room, with the only light coming in it was from a small window.

    i looked around, and saw Hunter laying on the floor unconscious. " Oh my god, Hunter!" i ran to him, and shook him. he didn't even move. " God no! Hunter if you don't f***in wake up i swear to god i will kill you!" i started crying, shaking him, and telling him to wake up.

    he turned over, and looked at me. " Hailey whats wrong?" he asked, his voice thick with sleep.

    " Oh my god your alive!" i hugged him.

    he hugged me back. then he asked, " Are you okay? Where are we?"

    " I'm fine. and I dont know where we are. What happened?" i asked.

    " Sorai attacked. And now were here. where ever here is." he said.

    I kissed him. " I don't care what happens to us, I'm just glad i didn't wake up to see you dead."

    someone came in. I looked up. It was Justin.