• Hunter and Leggy had later on reached the check point. After the synthetic DNA was placed in Leggy, as well as a refresher for Hunter, there was also tests to make sure the DNA had succeeded.
    "So, now what?" Leggy asked.
    "Now, they give you a few training dummies for you practice on to get used to the new skills in combat you have." Hunter then looked over to the shed where they kept the dummies.
    "You'll get started on melee practice, such as disarming, counter-strike, and other CQC tactics."
    "What about long range? Such as using a gun?" Leggy had a feeling the best way to survive in this war was to know how to use a gun. However, Hunter only smiled.
    "Melee is just as important as gun practice, especially disarming and counter strike."
    Leggy also wanted to smile but then she noticed Hunter had frowned as he stared up in the sky.
    "What's wrong?" she asked.
    "Ever feel something is just… missing? Like gone forever and something had taken it away? But you have no idea what it was?" Hunter pondered.
    "Few times, but… what do you think is missing?"
    "I fear that the more I think of it, the more it seems the answer is… gone because of me. It doesn't matter, we should continue practice."

    As practice had gone on, a couple of the guards were talking.
    "Hey, check this out I'm getting hostiles on the radar."
    "No way, most of the camps are defensive"
    "I'm not kidding, check it out."
    "Damn, you sure it isn't malfunctioning?"
    "They just did the daily maintenance an hour ago."
    "Sound the alarms then, we need to prepare".

    Hunter frowned, and then he looked up at the sky saying "I'll deal with you later".
    "What's going on now?" Leggy asked.
    "We're under attack." Hunter picked up a rifle.
    "What should I do?"
    "Grab a gun, reload, and pass the ammunition"

    In about an hour later the soldiers had arrived. Leggy was hidden under a small crawlspace with a sniper rifle in hand. Hunter was on the watch tower with the same gun. The army attacking met with the army defending, and bullets were flying everywhere. Eventually bodies were dropping as the battle went on, some became reckless and charged onto break the defense, some succeeded. Meanwhile Leggy was sniping each and every soldier she saw, at a very fast and accurate rate as well.
    "The synthetic DNA must have been better then they thought" Leggy muttered.

    Hunter however, was dealing with some problems of his own, he had found other snipers from the attacking army, and they found him. It was difficult for him to snipe them out because now the battle had progressed to the point where everyone was scattered. Hunter had then saw a soldier hanging from the bridge to the tower.
    "Hang on, I'm coming" Hunter sprinted his way to the soldier. As he pulled him up he looked up to see the battle.
    "Sir what do we do?" The soldier asked.
    "We keep fighting till the bastards die and rot.
    "Sir look out!"
    "huh? AGH!"

    Leggy couldn't see what was happening above. She knew she had to move out of the crawlspace before she was found. As she moved up and took cover by a metal crate she noticed something above the bridge. Hunter was there, but he was clutching his head like he had been shot. Leggy took a look to the opposite direction and saw the snipers. "Time to shine" she said mounting the sniper on the top of the crate and aiming. Leggy then realized the sniper rifle was empty. "Damn, guess it’s time for that disarming tactic." Leggy quickly ran up to a soldier and grabbed the nose of the rifle and pushed it upward toward the sky, then with her other arm she elbowed the soldier in the stomach and took his rifle. The soldier, now weaponless and afraid, ran away from the battle.

    Even though Hunter's eye was shot, he could still see well with the other, and he was impressed at how Leggy was dealing with the situation. Hunter tore a piece of cloth from the neck part of his shirt, then wrapped it around his head to cover his shot eye.
    "Ok, now I'm pissed." Hunter jumped down from the bridge and onto the battlefield, his hands out and ready for CQC. After disarming one, he struck another with the butt of the rifle.

    Both Leggy and Hunter kept the battle from a loss, although Hunter had noticed that Leggy seemed to have her skills boosted more then normal. "She has the talent I guess," Hunter then looked at the horizon. They were retreating, but he wasn't done yet. He grabbed all the grenades from his belt and launched them all in a rain towards the retreating army.
    "That was for my eye".

    Finally both Leggy and Hunter could rest, but for how long?