• This scene just came to me, do you think I should make it a story?

    Open scene, top of a roof, two people and a bomb. The people had just finished fighting and the one by the bomb said “You have grown strong Alex, but you I wont go down alone” he then pushed the bomb off the roof.
    “Yeah, ended this planet. When that thing hit’s the ground, its over.” He replied
    “You fool.” He then ran off, and jumped off the building. There’s no way I can reach it in time, uh maybe… he thought, yeah that should work. He then pulled his sword and sheath off his back, but it under his feet, and pushed off it, giving him a speed boost. He had obtained such speed he passed the bomb, he was going so fast that the air itself was cutting him. He felt blood dripping from cuts off his body, but he had to ignore the pain, and pull everything off just right, so he accessed his gauntlet and chose capture rope. He then shot it at his sword’s hilt, and drew his sword into his hand, knowing that if he hit the ground at that speed, he would…well splat. So he aimed his sword at then ground, and thrust it into the earth, so it took most of the impact, he then jumped down to the ground, shifted his gauntlet into capture net, and caught the bomb, and let it land in his hands. He then used the gauntlets laser and deactivated the bomb with only five seconds left.
    “HA” He yelled to the other person “I WIN THIS MATCH”
    “DO YOU? DO YOU REALLY? BECAUSE I BELIVE THAT YOUR BLADE IS NOW STUCK IN THE GROUND.” He tried to pull the blade out of the ground, but it couldn’t be pulled, Austin was soon down and explained, “You see, with how fast you were going, with your sword unprotected, it went white-hot, so when it hit the ground, it melded into the earth, so now, you’ve lost this war. Without the sword of ages, there is nothing you can do.” He then disappeared leaving Alex to wonder, what could be done, to win this war.