• I sniff in the air, though choke because I just swallowed a bug. I cough it out, spitting as well. I get very ardent looks. I hurry to the poolside. It's cold freezing.
    Oh god. It's Magda. The evil Witch of our school. I look behind me, trying to pretend I don't know who "Tammy" is. Though she knows who. Me.

    "How are you, Tammy?" she says, putting her arm around me.
    "Uh, good thanks. I better go..." I try getting away, but her and her friends are pushing me towards the deep end. Oh god. I'm to short to even think about the deep end. I struggle, and struggle, but she's got a very firm grip on me. She stops by the edge.
    "Maybe I should let you go..."
    "Yes, Thank you!" I say.
    "Too late!" she says and pushes me deep under the pool.

    I cough and gag and then stop because I'm swallowing water. The life guard reaches in but my hand slips. He doesn't bother coming in after me. Or maybe he does. I don't know. I can't see nothing, except myself, in a golden mirror. Weird, I know! I look around. But nothings there. I stare back into the mirror, my red curls, my bright green eyes, and my snowman skin.
    Suddenly I hear a voice. Not Magda's voice. Not the life gaurds. Not anyone's I know.
    "Hello?" I say. Suddenly a girl pops out of nowhere.
    "Hi, I'm Dream!" she says. I do nothing, except gulp.
    "It's a bit scary, you know, dieing and all" This time I drop my jaw. It's really happened. I've either died, or gone bonkers!

    Dream reaches out to me, though I step back. I close my eyes shut, then open again, to try to wake up. I haven't woken up, I haven't gone back to where I was before. I'm somewhere different. I'm at the pool. No-ones here. Except Dream that is. She's talking to me, though I don't listen. Suddenly, we hear a bang. Screams and more. People-out of nowhere-run around us, tears pouring down their cheeks. Dream grabs my hand and starts pulling me away, though with the crowd of people, hers gets pulled away. I'm lost. I'm scared. And I don't know what to do.

    I start getting dizzy. Being knocked around is not much fun. Suddenly, everyones gone. They've escaped and I haven't. Men-with horns, hooves and funny pointy tails- come round the corner, startling me. They're Demons. I freeze. Maybe they'll think I'm a statue. They don't though. They laugh, they're eyes gleaming with fire. Suddenly they lift up their big pitchforks, and the place turns to fire. I blink and then all of a sudden, I'm nice and cosy in my own, pink bed. I can't believe it. It was all a Dream.