• Li Matsumoto

    I walk into the Matsumoto's beautiful house. To see a black haired boy sitting in a chair. He doesn't look nuch older then me maybe a year or two.

    Sakura notices me looking at him. " Oh that's our brother Li. "

    " I never knew you guys had a brother. "

    Maylin smiles. " He's a year older then us. "

    The next morning I hear another conversation between Sakura and Maylin but this one also has Li in it.

    I hear Maylin first. " Okay you know the story about the box of Ellenia. "

    " I've only been hearing it my whole life. "

    Then I hear Sakura. " Well we are gonna figure out what's in the box. "

    " And how are you gonna do that. "

    Then Maylin again. " Sarah-Lee is part of the Ellenia family. "

    " Oh " Li says surprised. " When when you guys find out tell me okay. "

    " We will. " Maylin finally says.

    Later that day we are all sitting around talking about how we are gonna find the box. " So we are gonna use the Lasin board at night. "

    Sakura, Maylin, and Li all answer at once. " Yes. "

    " If you don't people will see. " Li adds.

    " Ya I was thinking about that when Sakura thought of it when we were at school. "

    Sakura gets up. " Sarah you are gonna need a lot of magic to open this box. "

    " Ya I know. That is what I'm a little worried about. "

    Li looks at me and then turns to his sters. " Personally I think she is powerful enough. "

    Li is being really sweet and nice to me and I just met him. He kinda reminds me of Alex. " Soooo Li do you have any magic. "

    " Yes my magic is like your I can do basically anything. Of course you can probably do it with more force. " He smiles.

    I love Li's smile. " Cool but the best I can do is unlock a door. "

    " Maybe I can show you some magic later. "

    " Ya maybe. "

    Sakura smiles. " Just don't turn me upside down. "

    " You mean like this. "

    " Sakura is suddenly upside down and laughing. " Ya I mean like this. "

    That is when I notice a huge spider. " Spi-spider "

    Li moves his hand over the spider and it's gone. " Is that better ? "

    " Ya thanks. How did you do that anyways ? "

    " I just waved my hand over the spider and focused on it disappering. "

    " Oh I'll have to remember that. "

    " It would come in handy if your afraid of spiders. "

    " Yes it would. "