• Chapter One

    “Mom,” I yelled “Are you trying to make me miss my flight to France!”
    “What! Of course not Alice, I’m just running a bit late.”
    I let out a gust of air from my lungs and huffed it out “Oh my god you’re so difficult,” I whispered.
    “Am not”
    I heard my mom say while walking into the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and took a seat on the black leather sofa that my mom bought for five hundred dollars. I took out my comb from my purse and the brush slid easily through my long dark brown hair. I heard the bathroom door open and my mom say “Okay I’m ready to go.”
    “Well about time mom”
    I put my comb back in my purse and hopped off the sofa sprinted to the door as fast as possible grabbing my suit case and not bothering to tie my shoe laces up. Slowly my mom walked out the door carrying only her car keys. I made a gesture with my hands to tell her to hurry up; she did not like that very much. The moment my mom got in the car she gave me a long lecture, to be precise all the way to the airport about how patients are very important.
    “Finally were here”
    I hoped out of the car with my suit cases then walked to the entrance of the airport with my mom. While I was about to pass through the metal detector I realized I needed to put all of my belongings on a plastic tray to be checked. I threw my suit case in one of the trays and in the other tray I set my purse and cell phone in. When I walked through the metal detector it started beeping I looked around to see who it was but when I saw everybody’s eyes on me I then noticed it was me who made it start beeping. Two security cops came up to me one of them had dark brown hair and was very chubby looking and the other one had a moustache and really short black hair.
    “My name is Wong you have to come with us so we can check why you made the metal detector go off.”
    I felt my ears they were burning hot but I also felt my large hoop earrings dangling down.
    “Actually Wong, it was my earrings that set the metal detector off.”
    I took my hoop earrings out and set them in the tray with my purse and cell phone then I walked back through the metal detector and nothing happened.
    “Oh I see okay you are free to go” the two officers turned around and walked away.
    I quickly grabbed my belongings from out of the two plastic trays and took off with my mom to go and find the plane that I’m on. When my mom and I found my plane the plane doors was half open and I could see the plane attendant looking angrily at her watch.
    “I’m going to miss you Alice you have to come visit me every holiday.”
    “Of course, mom I’m going to miss you” I gave my mom a quick hug and ran to the half open door.
    While I was passing the angry plane attendant she gave me a glare that was telling me I am late. I quickly sat down in seat number four in isle ten and buckled up my seat belt as tight as it would go I don’t like planes very much. When the plane finally arrived in France the plane attendant had to wake me up she woke me up by screaming get up in my ear! I yawned and took a look at my watch, wow it took fourteen hours to get here that’s quiet a long ways. I slowly got up and grabbed my suitcases but then quickly ran off the plane so I wouldn’t have to be stuck in a large crowd. When I shoved my way through people so I could get out the door I got lots of glares. When I got outside I called for a Taxi, right away one of the cabs stopped and the driver told me to come in. I stepped into the cab and noticed that beside me there sat a young lady not much older than me.
    “Where do you need to go hun?”
    “Oh 2648 Boulavard road” At least I hope that is the right address I thought to myself.
    While the cab driver was driving I took a quick glance at him while he wasn’t looking, the first thing I saw was his name tag that said Wayde. When I took a long glance at his face he was absolutely drop dead gorgeous he had dark brown hair that shimmered down to his shoulder his eyes were a really light brown that had streaks of red through it underneath his eyes were a shade of dark purple. The car slowed to a stop breaking my concentration.
    “Wow were here already! I looked out the window and saw an old abandoned school.
    Why would someone want to go here? I looked over at the young lady that sat beside me she looked at me the same way I looked at her; confused.
    I could hear Wayde yelling from outside “Were here ladies, get out of the car!”
    The young lady that sat beside me slowly opened her door and stepped out onto the cracked pavement “Wow she’s brave I thought to myself.
    I stared at the brave young lady and took a glance at Wayde’s gorgeous face. I took a deep breath and slowly opened my door; I stepped onto the cracked stony pavement beside the young lady. Wayde walked into the abandoned school and waved at us to follow him, once again the brave young lady followed him into the scary dark school. I followed one step behind the brave lady and when we were walking up the half broken wooden steps I noticed that inside it was pitch black and there were lots of cracking noises. I didn’t notice that the young lady had stopped walking so when I raised my head up, to look at her I slammed right into the poor girl.
    “Oh my god I’m sorry.”
    “W-what oh it’s nothing I’m f-fine”
    I was about to ask if she was alright because she looked like she had just seen a ghost also she kept on stuttering. But when I lifted my head up and seen Wayde he was in a crouch position facing towards me. I heard a snarl rip from his open mouth his teeth were sparkling white and pointed. The gorgeous man I thought Wayde was is now completely horrifying. Underneath his eyes the purple is now black and his beautiful brown eyes are blood shot red. All of his appearance is a lot more terrifying than before but the weird thing is I had never noticed how pale he was. I forced my eyes away from staring and Wayde so I could take a glance at the girl but when I turned around Wayde was standing behind me and I slammed into him. Wayde snarled and his glimmering teeth were just like fangs up close. Wayde roughly placed one of his hands on my neck he easily lifted me up with one arm and slammed me against the wall. Wayde snarled once more at me and before I could realize what he was doing with me it was to late, he had already sunken his teeth through me. Wayde pulled away from my bloody neck and caught up to the young lady that was already out the door in less than a second. My body instantly collapsed to the floor I screamed in pain while my blood I could feel my warm blood drip down my neck onto my white shirt. “I have to get away from here I thought to myself I know Wayde will come back for me to finish me off. I slid my hand onto my bloody neck to stop it from bleeding as much and then I crawled out the back exit using one arm. Behind the abandoned school was a forest there were lots of trees and rocks I could hide behind. While I was crawling I tried look for shelter preferable a cave or something that is out of sight. I wasn’t paying very much attention to where I was going and I fell right into a very deep hole. I could feel burning inside my body but I didn’t think much of it. When I hit the bottom of the hole my head slammed against the rock and I couldn’t see or hear anything.