• As I walk down the streets in the human world I am disgusted with all the smells and sounds. “How do they live like this it makes no sense.” I am on a job again looking for a human male who kidnapped a young girl her father had called me to kill him and find out if there was an order put on her head. So I’m now back in the human world looking for him after 200 years of peace in the twilight realm. They call me back here for one stupid job this makes no sense what’s the big deal with this girl. Well a jobs a job and money is money I need some anyways to get the new addition to my eye done. The streets as always are packed in New York but that don’t matter I see everything and hear everything. Time to meet my contact in this world then I can go hunting get some human blood for my stock I’m running a little low.
    I came upon the bar that I was used to meeting the contact in and I’m pretty sure he will start yelling my name cause he is drunk already. As I walk into the bar sure enough there he is way across the room he hasn’t noticed me yet though so at least I can get my drink before the……”Yo Gabe I’m over here.” he yells across the room I guess I don’t have enough time to get a drink. Stupid b*****d needs to learn to keep his yap shut for more then a minute so I can at least get a drink. I keep walking ignoring him and order a vodka straight no ice. When he gives me my drink I walk back to the table and sit down across from him.
    “Frank you yell across the room like that again ill hurt you or kill you I’m getting annoyed with this s**t your Granddad did the same thing and its getting old. Now what did you find out about the girl?” I take a drink from my glass and stared him right in the face.
    “yea sorry about that Gabe…. All I could find is that she is being held in a place north of Berlin about 300 miles in a castle owned by a drug lord. He is holding her in the lower levels of the building. Now from what I have learned about the place he has a lot of high class demons there most you will know since when you kill a demon it never stays dead for too long after a it reaches a certain level of power.” I looked around the bar and thought about everything he is saying its true some demons can come back. But when they do there always pissed off more then before so this could be bad if that building has more then five of the demons I have killed in my time. “Also there is some word going around that he is there also so I think you might want to go check it anyways.” My eyes opened wide the thought of him being there was good he had a score to settle with the b*****d.
    “Alright my stuff for the trip and the map of his place we both know you have it so don’t play me today.” I put my hand out and let my eyes flash red. “Today Frank I’m really not in the mood!” As the papers where slid across the table I put the bag of rubies on the table with the paper work. “Goodbye Frank don’t you dare tell your old man about us meeting here.” I started to get up when Frank let out a sigh like he was relieved that I was leaving but something else seemed wrong with him like something was coming and he wasn’t involved anymore. That’s when I heard the noise like an explosion from across the street, then the screams started. I looked over at Frank and my eyes turned bright red from anger. “You didn’t you stupid son of a b***h.”
    “I’m so sorry Gabe they heard you came back and they found out about my Grad-dad they came looking for…..” another explosion this time it blew the wall of the bar down. “..me!” Frank dove for the counter as I turned to see a grade B demon he was high class one meaning he was going to be a good kill.
    “You shouldn’t be here demon this is a forbidden zone for you of higher then C Grade meaning your going to be my b***h in the next ten seconds.” I grinned and grabbed a knife from my coat and pointed the long sharp edge towards the large demon. “Name your self so you can die!”
    “I AM THE GREAT FORGOMA AND YOUR SOUL IS MINE HUMAN!” The demon charged at me and all anyone could see was the smile grow bigger and wider. At the last second I moved my head to the left just past the demons claws and the cranked my head back to the right breaking the arm in half.
    “You are weak compared to me time for sleep weakling.” The demons eyes open wide. I took a step forward and shoved my hand through the demons chest. “You are weak for your Class Demon now who sent you here?”
    “NO ONE SENT ME HERE. I SWEAR I WAS HUNGRY.” I was reading every emotion in the demons mind they all pointed to the truth he just wanted food but something was off still. I twisted my arm making the muscles in his chest spasm with pain.
    “I know someone told you to come here and feed now who the ******** was it.” I grabbed the demons back and started to squeeze his spin. “And if you don’t ill cause you more pain in your low demon life more pain then you have ever felt before.” the humans in the club where screaming and I just realized that I never set up my net. I opened my pack with my other hand and let loose one of my old scrolls this one held the power of hiding. To everyone in a 200 mile radius it would look like whatever they want but not what is actually happening.
    “ A MAN IN A DARK COAT HE WAS IN DEMON WORLD HE SMELLED HUMAN…..”the demon screamed in pain to the humans it would sound like just music most likely. “I DON’T KNOW WHO IT WAS I SWEAR PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!!!” I thought about that for one second then pulled my arm out. “THANK YOU GREAT LORD THANK….” I sliced his head off and turned around using my power to burn his blood off my arm.
    “I never said I was going to let you live stupid.” I turned and started to walk out the bar when I remembered my friend Frank. “ah and about you Frank your about to die I don’t know who you told about me being back but it don’t matter ill kill them sooner or later. Ill just kill you now though cause I just don’t like you.” As Frank started to protest I threw out my arm slicing through his head leaving only a slight gash in the wall. I turned and left the club as I went out into the open street. The cool New York breeze felt good on my face. The cool air blew across my neck as I turned the corner heading down the road to one of the many complexes I owned. I could feel my Mage mark heat as the cool night air blew across the back of my neck. I watched as the cars drove by filled with people wanting money, sex, or drugs and a combination of the three it was a good night. I listened to the world of horn honks, cussing people, and gun fire a lot has changed in 100 years but everything is still the same in a weird ******** up way. As another car drove by I thought back to the old years of my life when I was just put onto this place of death and love. God its been nearly 5000 years and im still here? I finally came to my door feeling off about my job how does a human male get a phone call to work through a dimension built into a wall only person that even knew how to do get ahold of me should be dead by now.
    I walked up to my door and opened it with my mind and walked right in. I flicked my wrist and the TV and lights turned on. I walked right into the kitchen and walked into the back room which was covered from head to toe with steel very good for holding back large scale and small scale demons. I moved some of the boxes of bandages and oils looking for the key code box that will allow me into the weapons room. I finally found it and put in my code watching as the wall moved back and to the side reveling a room with tons weapons and tools stored in it. I walked to the back pass the middle complex filled with guns. When I got to the back I found the shelf with all my tools and empty slots for the weapons I carried tonight I took my coat off and laid it on the table shelf to my right and started to unstrapped my knifes and the sword I always carry around with me. I heard the door bell ring and I knew I needed to answer it the presence felt similar and I only know of four people on this planet that have any way near enough power that I would have to answer the door to talk to them so which could this be. As I came out the room I flicked the light switch closing the door automatically and went to the door as the mental door knock kept going.
    “I’m here now give my head a rest already.” I mumbled grabbing the door knob and twisting as I saw an old student of mine one that if I remember right failed my final test the only one to ever make it that far. “Dango you shouldn’t be here.” He looked at me and grinned his stupid grin just like always acting like a kid who got caught breaking the rules but not caring what will happen to him. “Well come on in I guess you’re a stupid son of a b***h for coming here.” I stepped away from the door and headed over to the living room ignoring the stairs up to my room and sitting right down so I could think easier. “Why are you here boy?”
    “Wow you haven’t changed much in 400 years have you? I’m here cause your employer called me and asked me to get his daughter back with you said it might be to much for one person to handle.” he came across the room and sat down across from me allowing me to look him straight in the eyes. “I told him you wouldn’t need any help but he told me he heard some rumors about a special group of people working for this man who they call Death. So I don’t know what they want from me but I guess where working together now, he made it worth my while.” I looked at his eyes and it all seemed true but he was hiding something from me which wasn’t surprising.
    “I don’t work with others as you have said so you can tag along but you come to my home again with out informing me ill kill you where you stand do we have an understanding boy?” I looked him in the eyes and saw no hint of fear so he knew what he was doing something was driving him. Whatever it was it would make him work hard just as long as he didn’t put my mission in jeopardy I wont care. “Now about the business we leave in the morning you can stay here but you touch anything without asking and u will meet the pavement from the top floor which happens to be the window behind you.” I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink and make some food.
    “Yes sir we do and I have my own place thanks for the offer but yea I know how you are I would rather stay in my own place.” Dango stood up and walked to the front door as he reached it and put his hand on the door knob he turned and looked at me as I drank from my beer. “ill meet you at the airport I have your ticket and mine don’t try and leave me behind I have to go with you its important to the mission do you understand?” He completely shocked me with his tone how hard it was almost evil like mine is, whatever this mission really is its important to him and I don’t need a child pushing into my mission with his ego.
    “Fine I wont leave your a** here be here at 6 A.M. that’s when were leaving we don’t need tickets but I want you here early.” I grabbed a chicken sandwich from the fridge and grabbed another beer and walked into my room. “don’t bother me tell 6 A.M. I mean it I’m really tired.” I layed onto my bed hearing my door closed and ate my sandwich and thought about this mission. It didn’t seem right I’m asked to bring back a girl who is being held by a drug lord that has untold number of demons working for him. It don’t add up if he is so powerful why kidnap the girl he obviously doesn’t need the cash. Why take her what is his goal and why call me in there are a lot of people that could take demons like this why choose me and why is my old student here hired by the same guy. I don’t like this how its playing out so far so if something goes wrong ill kill that girl the first chance I get but for now I need to get ready for tomorrow and get some rest.
    I sit on the train riding through the country side of Germany thinking about our next move. We made it all the way to Europe without any problems but its been to easy so far I don’t like it. “….. Gabe wake up already.” I jerked to awareness and looked at Dango my old student.
    “What do you want I was thinking.” I stared at him and noticed how much he has changed over the years his hair was long and black now touching almost his shoulders but he hand it pulled up and in like an afro that looks like a broom end. He was nearly six feet five inches tall and weighed a good 300 pounds of solid muscle his training must never have ended after I left him. His face with his chiseled features looked good no scares but a lot of piercings like me and the mark on the left side of his neck showing who was his master for a time the mark of mine is craved in blood forever burned to his soul. He was dressed in all black leather making his features stand out even more in all honesty he looks like a cold stone killer but with a little comedy mixed in. “This has been to easy so far I don’t like it are you geared up?”
    Dango leaned back in his seat and pulled his coat back showing off his knifes and gun that were hidden. He pulled his jacket back over his weapons and stared at me. “You know your right this has been to easy and I don’t like it either I bet we get attacked while on the train.” Dango looked out the window and I could tell he was thinking about something important like nothing in this world but what ever was on his mind. It didn’t feel right still something was wrong the train was oddly quiet now that I think about it. I stood up and walked into the aile and looked around.
    “Do you hear that?” I asked Dango and turned to look at him his face full of confusion.
    “Hear what?” he turned and looked as he was listening really hard. “I don’t hear anything Gabe what is wrong with you?”
    “That’s what I mean where on a train that left from Berlin. Where are all the people, Where is the noise from the train and people talking its way to quiet.” I pulled my knife from under my jacket out and held it in front of me in a defense stance. “We have been attacked we just never knew it this was all a trap this train isn’t a train! IT’S A DEMON!” just as I yelled it a huge sound like a roar erupted from around us and the trains glamour raised and I noticed for the first time we where inside a huge demon. “THIS ISNT GOOD!” I had to yell to be over heard from the roar of whatever we were in.
    “WHAT ARE WE IN GABE, HOW DID THEY CATCH US SO EASILY!” I heard Dango just never got the chance to answer him the beast started to shake and I knew it was pushing us down to its stomach. I put my knife away and looked around trying to find a way out that didn’t involve guessing where is mouth and a** where. I gave up after ten seconds and decided to do a less nasty thing then going out his a**.
    “GRABE YOUR SWORD NOW!! WERE LEAVING.” I put my knife away and pushed my energy into my hands and saw Dango moving to stand behind me. I took a deep breath and let the energy bust from my hands and raised my eyes as I took a step forward the solid energy I was moving made everything seem to slow down I moved fast and swung my arms my hands still glowing from the energy that seemed to almost look like swords attached to my arms. I moved quickly and smoothly cutting what ever we were in, in half, blood flowed into the space we were in quickly covering us both in its green liquid. “Move now.” my voice sounded horse even to me I knew I was using a lot to cut through the thick hide of the demon. I turned to see Dango get dragged by the flow of blood I threw out a thread of solid energy towards him and it wrapped around his neck and his body and I jumped out of the huge hole around us I jerked on the cord of energy catching Dango then throwing him over my shoulder. I looked around seeing for the first time where we really where in a demon world portal with what looks to be a class A demon. “This isn’t good even im going to have trouble taking this down where on his turf.” The demon I saw was a good 50 stories tall and as wide as Sixty buses sitting next to each other. I started smacking Dango across the head to wake him up and he started coming to as the huge demon unleashed his attack throwing black balls of goo at us I was doing my best to dodge them but I missed one and it hit me in the stomach and another hit me in the face. I fell hard to the ground a good 500 foot drop from the sky.
    I landed hard on my back and could tell that Dango feel far from me I turned to look around and saw him a few yards away. I moved and tried to sit up but I was bleeding heavily from my stomach and neck. “What was he putting in those energy balls ******** knifes s**t this hurts.” I stood up slowly when I heard the voice.
    “YOU MORTALS ARE TO EASY TO KILL BUT YOU DID CUT MY TENTICAL OFF I GIVE YOU THAT ONE. NOW ITS TIME TO DIE ANY LAST WISHES.” I felt the ground lift and fall under me like a breath was being taken and noticed that this whole place seemed to move with how this thing thought.
    I took a deep breath and chose my words carefully. “demon before we finish this why did you attack us you’re a higher demon from the looks of your realm.” which looked like something from a horror movie. Trees that dripped of blood and rivers that flowed with drool from its mouth where ever that was.. I turned and looked around noticing that there were peeks in the distance an old mountain range im guessing maybe I can use it to my advantage. If only I can get there…”you the demon Aspier of the realm of Despair. Why did you attack us what have we done to piss you off I know for a fact me and you have never fought so why?” I took a deep breath knowing I said the right thing the movement from under me like he held his breath.
    “YOU ARE RIGHT WE HAVENT FOUGHT SINCE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN RUDE ABOUT YOUR QUESTION TO ME I SHALL ANSWER YOUR QUESTION. MANY YEARS AGO A MAN FOUND HIS WAY INTO MY REALM WITH TWO OTHERS I ATTACKED THEM AND THEY DEFEATED ME TOLD ME IF I WANTED TO LIVE I HAD TO SERVE A MORTAL TELL HE DIED. EVER SINCE I HAVE DONE AS HE WISHED SO HIS WISH WAS TO KILL YOU TWO BEFORE YOU GOT TO THE COMPOUND IN THE HUMAN REALM. I MUST OBEY IF I WISH TO LIVE.” I stood there in almost shock and higher demon is almost impossible to kill unless you know its weakness but even then only the best fighters can get anywhere near them cause of there raw power. There were two of those fighters here and they are helping this human drug lord as the old saying goes send a monster to kill a monster.
    I took another deep breath my wounds were burning meaning they were almost healed up I heard a groan from behind me and Dango was starting to get up slowly. “I feel sorry for you great lord you have been keeping to your self but I have been given some good items for getting to that compound so I guess its time to kill you I hope this wont give us bad feelings later on in life.” I put a small shell around Dango and started running towards the mountain the ground shaking underneath me the Demon laughing. I saw one of his tentacles flying towards me and I stopped and watched it head right for me as it came closer I moved to the side letting it sail by me by mere inches. “im one of the lords of death you fool you cant kill me with your simple attacks.” I jumped off the ground grabbing onto the tentacle and started to spin in the air pushing small amounts of energy into my hands. As I landed onto the ground there was a crash behind me as the tentacle landed behind me in a heap of blood and flesh. “your not strong enough to beat me so either let us out or die I don’t like to kill worthy fighters but your in my way and we both know before I leave if you stand in my way ill kill you.”
    There was a roar of pain from the demon and the ground shook as he growled. “I WILL NOT LET YOU PASS IF I DO I DIE IF I DON’T I MIGHT DIE I LIKE MY CHANCES DEATH BRINGER.” I more felt then saw his anger as millions of balls of black energy came soaring through the air at me. I stood back and put my hand out in front of me then I noticed that Dango’s shield wasn’t as strong as I thought I made it. I jumped up and ran toward him drawing one of my blades from my back and standing in front of him hitting the balls of energy as best I could from getting close to him. Little by little they hit me over and over tell the blade shattered in my hand and I was stuck blocking as many as I could when it finally ended I fell to my knees bleeding from all over. “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME WITH YOUR HANDS YOUR WRONG MY AKRANI IS DRANING YOUR ENERGY WITH EVERY TOUCH THE MORE YOU FIGHT THE QUICKER YOU DIE SO JUST GIVE UP!” I stood up slowly using a little energy to heal my self as I looked around trying to find one of his many eyes I saw one by what looked like a boulder.
    “your right I cant defend against your attacks and your right that they sap my energy but you must not know exactly who I am what I did before I got my title as a Death Bringer.” the eye twisted into a confused stare the flying open as it realized who I really was. “yes you figured it out I made the technique of absorbing I mastered it all so lets try this again give up or your realm is mine forever.” fear shown in the demons eyes but I didn’t give him time to answer I sunk my hand into the ground and begun the process of eating the realm the whole area gleamed as if on fire.
    “NO PLEASE ILL LEAVE YOU ALONE MY LORD PLEASE!” He screamed as his eye shriveled up before me and his last cry dispersed with the realm. As the realm disappeared around us I looked around pulling my hand out of the ground that we were standing on.
    “I hate higher demons there energy always feels wrong but its more power to use in this upcoming fight.” I spoke to no one really but myself I took a deep breath and put my arm back into the socket noticing for the first time it was out from twisting that arm off. As the realm disappeared around us I turned to Dango who was just standing up from being knocked down. “you ok you where hit pretty hard when we fell from the air?” I grabbed under his arm and lifted him up to his feet his head bleeding but not to bad.
    “Can you move Dango?” I grabbed his shoulders and shook him a little to get him to think straight. “come on can you move or not?” he looked up to me his gaze glassy.
    He took a deep breath and started talking. “Yea I can walk I think what hit me a train?”
    “Almost, do you remember what happened?” I looked him over making sure his gear and clothes where all ok. They were but he was really beaten up, I took a small stone out of my pocket and pressed it into his hand.
    “Yea I think so, We were on a train and you figured out it wasn’t a train…” he winced in pain as the stone took affect sending energy into his body healing him making his red blood cells work a lot faster then they normally could. “then you did something with your hands cutting us out of there. What did you do? And What are you doing to my hand im feeling a lot better?”
    “it’s a Blaithe it’s a stone made of blood that heals energy and makes your blood cells work to heal you faster its almost used up good thing I have a few of these saves me energy.” I put the stone back into my coat pocket and looked around the area we were in. “Im guessing where in the Black Forest meaning we cant be to far from the compound. We better get moving so we don’t get attacked again and this time don’t get knocked down I wont save your a** if you do.” I started walking leaving him there to stare behind me not really caring if he followed or not.
    “What the hell man you save my a** then leave me behind whets your deal?” I heard him shout behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around my hand flinging out grabbing his neck and lifting him off the ground.
    “don’t you dare think I saved you cause I like you or some horse s**t like that whets up ahead is strong and ill need help even if I don’t like it I would have left you for dead if I didn’t need you so don’t get in my way.” I dropped him gasping for air and turned again heading for the compound. He followed in silence behind me we didn’t speak for most of the walk. As we went through the trees I thought more on my fight with the demon Aspier. He had said that two others followed the Drug lord into the realm with him that means one of them opened the portal. So most likely one was a magic user and a very good one at that even the strongest mages cant open portals. And the other was a fighter to beat that beast magic is almost useless unless you can find its weak point which is everything its whole body being hit at once. So this will be very interesting two people if there even kinda human that can fight better then anyone I have seen in years. Maybe it was worth it taking this mission being in isolation for 200 years has taken its toile on me and this is just what I need a work out.
    “Gabe I know you don’t give a s**t but when we get in there make sure not to hurt the girl.” I stopped again feeling him jump back out of my reach.
    “I know not to hurt the girl im here to get her out just like you so don’t pester me with stupid s**t like that.” I kept walking when I hit a small force field made out of demon energy. “where here better get ready this is just getting started.”