• Sunlight glittered off of the angels pale flesh, her bones visible underneath. She rested her head against the windowsill, the suns warmth unable to warm her chilled heart.
    The chains binding her to the small room jingled softly as she shifted slightly. The young maiden in the courtyard below laughed again as another man courted her. The angel laughed, her voice cracked and fading. She stood and walked deeper into the room of shaky legs, the sun warmed the bloodied stumps of bone of her back.
    She sat beside an old wooden door opposite of the window. A spectral hand ran through her matted hair. A weak smile spread on the angels face as she looked up at the figure.
    “Soon you will be free. You will be able to go back home and feel the sun of your face.”
    The figure said in an airy voice before fading away.

    The angel sat in silence. Tears trickled from her eyes, loneliness taking over her once more. As her tears dried she walked back over to the window a list rain was falling from the sky. She sat on the edge of the windowsill and swung her legs out, the chains around her fragile ankles pulling back in defiance. She leaned forward, her fingertips barley outside the window frame. The warm droplets kissed her fingers as they fell to earth, a smiled spread across her lips. The rain stopped, her smile faded.