• Deep in thought I walked about town, I was tracking Shinichi, a demon.

    I don't understand why I had to guard a demon.
    'Demons are our enemy' That is what they told us. That one statment echos in my head.
    Was I under a wicked spell made by him, to make me think he was my charge? I couldn't find the answer.

    I went back to focusing on tracking Shinichi, using pure instinct. Then I found him, exiting a building, most likely a reporting station for demons. I followed him, at a safe distance. The moment I had taken my sites off him, he disappeard. I rushed up to the spot where he was last, only to be pulled into the alley way. A hand slamed against the wall, near my head, blocking me from running away, and the other hand cover my mouth, to keep me from shouting out. I looked up at the one who had grabbed me, it was Shinichi.

    "You were following me weren't you?" He said, then took his hand away from my mouth, so I would be able to talk.

    My heart beated wildly in my chest, I feared it would burst. "Uh I wasn't following you." I managed to say. A lame excuse and I knew it.

    "Yeah right, just admit it, you were following me." He said ,inching closer to me to intimidate me. It was rather awkward to be in this position in an alley way.

    "Well I was only following you to, uh say hello, and see if you would want to hang out. I mean, your new here so you probably don't have alot of friends yet." That was a better excuse, I thought to myself.

    He looked at me for a moment then turned and walked to the sidewalk then paused. "Well I suppose I will hang out with you for the time being."

    I followed him to the park. We sat in the park center, chatting for a while. I had learned he had just moved here, meaning he was recently sent here.

    The conversation went on for a while, mainly consisting of him questioning me, and me giving answers and just babbling on.


    The lights soon turned on in the park and darkness fell. We said our good byes and he turned and sauntered off to god knows where. I noticed that when he left, he had a somewhat apologetic look on his face. I had yet to figure out why.

    Meanwhile I had stayed in the park. Something was not right. I felt many dark presences, closing in on my location. In a puff of black smoke, Demons made their appearance.

    1..2..3..4..5 I counted to myself. 5 demons surrounded me.
    Checking to see if any humans were around, I opened my wings. Several loose pure white feathers fell to the ground when I stretched.

    "Demons, why do I have the honor of seeing you tonight." I said in a monotone voice. They made their dark tridents appear in their hands. It was a favored weapon of demons. I however weilded a sword, it reminded me of brave knights.

    "We were told there was an angel in the area, and we are suppose to have a little chat with her." They cackled. My sword appeared in my hand, pure white, just like my wings. An Impatient female demon, rushed forward , her trident pointed at me. The rest soon followed, trying to gang up on me. I manged to block several hits but I soon I realized when I was struck, through my side, that I was at an extreme disadvantage.