In a distant past, an epic war was being fought.
    It was a clash that would ultimately decide the fate of the world.

    Throughout everlasting time the war was always been at a stalemate.
    However, overnight, everything we once knew and loved would change.

    The vampires had won the war against the humans….
    They stole our world as their own and we suffered by their cause.
    As one looks to the sky the human race will soon meet with death.
    Those who survived had either been taken prisoners or used as livestock
    Amongst the survivors another group stood, the last hope of all human kind

    However, the vampires continued their savage ways...

    They brought hell to the lands I loved, slaughtered those I held dear. Then they tried to kill me.

    They tried. But I will not die because I will not allow myself to die.
    Not until I kill every last one of them with my own hands...

    They sank the world into a perpetual darkness, taking all sanity from us.

    However, our instincts to survive and avenge those who have fallen boil deep within our blood.
    They will soon be reminded of all the pain and suffering I hath endured.
    It's my turn to show them my own vision of darkness, they will tremble when my name is tolled in the wind…

    For I have become one of the Vampire Reapers

    A human turned into a living bio-weapon to exterminate their race
    And we will use every force possible to carry out our mission
    Survival is our cause but retribution is our purpose and hatred is what drives us.
    For this is only the beginning…the beginning of my reawakening

    The Dark Beginning

    They were supposed to enter the room without being noticed and ambushed the Vampire General. Once they succeed, they would finally kill the general and end the slaughtering of human kind. It was only six of them and one of him so it would be a piece of cake—Right?

    That was the thought going through the lead Vampire Slayer as he crept through the dark corridors of the vampire’s hidden sanctuary. Behind him was five other Vampire Slayers that he searched the world and put together in a powerful vampire slaying team. All of them proved their skills and abilities time after time and he finally thought of them more as a family above all else. He looked back, seeing their reassuring silhouettes ranging in different sizes forming through the darkness by the little light. Knowing that they got his back no matter what got him confident that this ambushed is going to succeed and end the nightmare.

    The lead Vampire Slayer saw the concealed double doors up ahead and glided his team toward it; like a mosquito to a blinding light. Upon reaching the doors, he took cover within a nook and signaled his team to take position around the entrance as a precaution. A giant shadowed body moved in front of the doors and used his strength to carefully open the hidden doors without making a sound. The leader quickly narrowed his eyes from the light pouring in and they all silently advance inward with the two biggest being in the front. The two stopped several feet inside and knelt down preparing to shoot down anything that appeared hostile towards them.

    When the room seemed clear, the four other Vampire Slayers entered the room as quietly as they could. One of the two that stayed toward the back was carrying a sniper rifle while the other carried a handgun in each of his hands. The two kept a lookout and prepared for anything that was going to ambushed them from the back. The leader of the Vampire Slayers was cautiously walking in the middle with the sixth member and the two carried a sheathed sword at their hips. The two in the front continued to progress in short distances silently and hid immediately to check if everything up ahead was clear of hostiles.

    The leader of the Vampire Slayer suddenly stopped, and titled his head down to concentrate on his senses. With his suddenly halt, the two in the front and the two in the back held their position for further instructions from their leader. The slayer right next to the leader tried to speak out but the focused leader raised his hand up to command him to stay silent. The leader continued to concentrate and focus his mind as he knew something was wrong but he couldn’t tell what it was exactly. He then quickly widened his eyes in the realization that it was a trap, but it was already too late when he heard an ear-shattering screech of bullets being fired.

    The two in front started firing their huge weapons with the bullets discharging at an alarming speed. The leader of the Vampire Slayer suddenly heard a loud bang from behind as he turned around saw the two in the back was also firing. He was about to command them to regroup but he heard deathly screams from the two up front and the noises of their weapons died down. The loud roar from their weapons was immediately being replaced by hissing and growling from the darkness surrounding them. As he witnessed his team getting slaughtered in the darkness, he turned around to a blade applying pressure against his neck.

    “Give up. You lost,” the traitorous Vampire Slayer coldly told his former leader. Instead of giving a look of defeat, the leader stared back with a look of disappointment to the person he once called family.

    “Stupid fool,” the leader spat.

    “If I am the stupid fool then why are you at the end of my blade? I am a lot smarter than you will ever be,” the traitor smiled and pointed his free hand to the side of his head.

    “If you want to kill me then kill me. I rather die than witness what you had just done.” The traitor angrily glared as he was about to shove his blade in the Vampire Slayer’s throat.

    “Now, now, don’t be hasty human,” a calmed voice echoed around them as an unearthly pressure filled the room.

    Everything started to get blurry as the world began to shift around at a frightening rate and was violently distorting reality. The two Vampire Slayers were now struggling to breathe and they knelt down as the pressure was suffocating their lungs. At that instant, a young teenage male was standing directly behind the traitor Vampire Slayer. The teenager had messy silver hair, deep bloody color eyes and a playful smirk to finish off his eerie childish look.

    “I can’t let you die just yet when there is so much that I want you to see,” the teenager calmly spoke quietly.

    “Who are you?” the Vampire Slayer asked while grasping for air.

    “I am the one who you were planning to kill. How human of me, pardon my manners. Allow me to introduce myself as I am the great Vampire General, Daesong. Don’t misunderstood that my unusual formality will make this any less painful or give you the impression that I am merciful. I am everything and more of why the humans fear and despise vampires all these centuries.” Seconds later, the unknown pressure slowly faded away and everything went back to normal while the two humans stood up coughing harshly.

    “You want me to live, why? What is it that you want me to see?” the leader asked coughing. Daesong ignored the question and put up the sword that the traitor human dropped.

    “Whatever you are going to show him I want no part of. Give me the reward you promise me and I’ll be on my way.”

    “You’re naïve if you think they are planning to reward you for this!” the leader yelled at the traitorous Vampire Slayer. The traitor smiled at the remark as he walked towards Daesong who kept staring at the white blade of the holy weapon.

    “Before I give you the reward human allow me to say something first,” Daesong slowly spoke as he looked up and gripped the hilt of the sword. “The slayer is right human, because, the one thing I hate about humans is that they betray each other for greed!” The Vampire General smiled emotionlessly as he turned to the traitorous human and thrust the entire blade in his body. “I hope you like your reward because I enjoyed giving it to you,” Daesong concluded as he let go of the hilt.

    “But…you gave me your word,” the human slowly whispered as he slowly collapsed to the ground and died.

    “My words are empty when promised to an inferior,” Daesong yawned as he kicked the corpse and the body was launched through the darkness crashing into a nearby wall. “Now it’s time for business,” he continued as he walked away and torches suddenly lit up the room, revealing a throne room. Daesong made his way to the throne and sat on a golden decorative chair. “Vampire Slayer, there is something I wanted to tell you but that filthy human interrupted me. The reason why I want you to live is to show you that this little incident was broadcast throughout the world.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Right now, everyone tuned into anything using radio waves and satellite uplinks are either viewing or listening to what was going on here. By now, they are probably thinking that this was staged, but whoever is listening, this is real. Now you and countless other people are most likely wondering why I am doing this. The reason is that I am sick and tired of living in your pathetic shadows and also tired of hiding away from your inferior species.”

    “So you thinking that by telling everyone in this world that you exist would cause a world wide speculation. I bet somebody is dying to actually do an interview with a vampire. Or have real vampire actors and actresses to act in vampire movies. We might even have biographies of the life of a vampire. I can hardly wait.”

    “I let your mockery slide for this once but mock me again and I will have to do something with your tongue.”

    “Then tell me what you are planning to do, Vampire General.”

    “My, my, my, aren’t you the impatient kind of a human. Allow me to be the first vampire to say this but at this moment we have declare war on the entire human species. We will not stop until we take this pitiful planet from your inferior control. We will decorate this world with your blood and corpses. There will be no place you can hide from us as there is no where we can’t get to. The world as you know it will now be a vampire’s world and our darkness shall shroud everything entirely.”

    “What do you want with me if you were planning to declare war on us human?”

    “As the first inferior to even make it this far, I want you to witness the extinction of the human species from beginning to end. I will give you my blood so you can live long enough to see it all as you will beg for me to end your pitiful life. Everything you once care for; everything that you ever loved and were ever precious to you will be taken away from you by force. The last light of hope died tonight and only suffering and pain shall continue to exist for the world will be taken by darkness.”

    Daesong unsheathe his own sword from his hip and unhesitant used the blade to slit part of his arm and walked over to the Vampire Slayer. An abundant of blood gushed out of his arm and profusely spilled on the ground as it began trailing behind him and he continued forward. The room was once again filled with pressure as the Vampire Slayer collapsed to his knees and his mind was suffocating while his eyes went blank. Daesong stood in front of the slayer and suspended his bloody arm in front of him as he poured the poisoned red nectar in the human’s opened mouth.

    Right behind Daesong, standing in different poses were the fifteen Vampire Lords that supported the war against the human species. After Daesong done his deed on the slayer, the pressure in the throne room quickly intensified and each Vampire Lord slowly vanished out of sight. The young Vampire General began laughing menacing as the hissing and growling noises escalated all around him in a livid rush.

    “And thus marks the beginning of humankind’s extermination…”