• As if it was...

    Part A

    The cars zipped past eachother as if there were no danger if one hit the other. In the backseat of one were two children of ages 10 and 11. Bryan was the 10 year old, yet seemed to act more mature than the 11 year old Christina. The two children were playing a clapping game, until seemingly, another car swiped the left half of the car. Both children died, yet the parents survived. When crews were cleaning up the wreckage, signs of no other autos were visible. It seemed as if the car had just combusted.

    Part B

    Bryan and Christina woke up, lying on a perfectly polished tile floor.
    "Where are we?" spoke Christina.
    "I think we're in Heaven" replied Bryan.
    Christina looked at Bryan's face. It seemed to be scarred all aorund the mouth. Christina started crying. Bryan looked at his face's reflection in the tile floor. He started crying as soon as he saw what had happened. Sparkles of light commenced to fall, and a girl, about 12, seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Welcome to Felcia. There's no need to cry." said the girl.
    "Who are you?" asked Christina.
    "I am Nadia." Bryan stopped crying. He began to rub the 'scar' with his hands, as if he were trying to get it off. "It won't come off, Bryan." said Nadia. "Were you eating anything before your car crashed?"
    "Our car crashed??!!" yelled Christina and Bryan. "I was eating a chocolate bar." replied Bryan.
    "You had it all over your face, too!" giggled Christina. They didn't seem to mind the horrible accident now.
    "That is what the scar is. It is the chocolate bar all over your face. When you enter Felcia, you remain the same way you look, unless you forget how you look."
    "So it won't come out?" said the worried Bryan.
    "Not unless you forget how you look. But the effects can be dramatic." replied Nadia.

    To be continued...