• Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the holy matrimony of these two young souls into the bond of holy damnation. Their remains will rot together in this coffin for all eternity, as blood washes away in the rain, and ash floats in the wind, mixing with the sands of time. The rings they soon shall slide onto each bony finger, represent unity in death, and a semi happily ever after, in the after life. And though the fabric of their garb may wear and grow dull, and the perfect, youthful features will decay with the maggots, we learn that the love these two share..shared..share can last a lifetime, even death does not make them part.

    As the beautiful white linen of the blushing bride's dress turns into a depressive black and the tears of joy turn into those of sorrow, we watch as the sins ooze from their pores like sweat on the skin, forming a puddle around them filled with all the wrongs of their past. As the gates to heaven open, the rift to the underworld grows larger, sucking these two love bird sinners deep within the rigormortis and death filled caverns of Hades. The cries emited from their slowly decaying lips, lips which once spoke happy words, now remain silent as they drift down.

    So say your last regards as we end yet another life, the chapters seeming so few in their living autobiographies. Watch as the boquets turn to wilted black husks of their former beautiful selves, a look into the future of what is to come for this so called...happy couple.

    May god have mercy on your souls as you take this leap into the land of the damned, may he hold your hand as you walk along the firey beach near the river Styx and watch as the Grim Reaper mocks your naivity and your youthfullness.