• Episode 01-1
    The Reaper

    Chapter 1: Final Sins

    Rain relentlessly cast down on a city completely engulfed in the darkness like it was toss underneath a waterfall. The sky wept thunderously and their tears sorrowfully showered down into the shadowy depth below. The city looked isolated as abandon skyscrapers sprung out from the concrete like metal claws reaching to the lifeless sky above. No sign of life could be seen as cars were overturned in the numerous streets and every glass display window was shattered. It was like a riot started which soon gotten out of hand causing a citywide catastrophe and noting was there to stop it.

    Near the center of the city there was once a beautiful church now obstructed by two towering skyscrapers and the many years of damage. When it was first built, the architecture of the church was remarkably created with handmade arches placed at every path, including the alleyways. The accurate details of the craftsmanship in every nook and cranny seemed like it took decades and maybe centuries for it to be constructed. A gorgeous garden was also placed in front of the entrance, which vines and flowers once trailed the many arches, giving the church life.

    However, the appreciation that this church should deserve was overcast in the shadows between the two skyscrapers. Over the years, the once admired building started decaying and the beauty it once shown went with it. Presently, it looked just as gloomy as any other building in the city and showed signs of death and suffering. This church even in its current condition housed one sole survivor of its teaching; a middle-aged male priest it may be. Imprisoned by the dark ones outside and knew the only reason why he was alive was they can not enter a house of the almighty.

    The priest, wearing a dirty white hooded robe that shadowed his face, quietly walked through the central path that led to the main shrine. Sounds of screeching and groaning from the dark ones surrounding the outside walls could be heard from within the church. His brothers of the teaching were victims of cruel fate and no matter how much he prayed it wouldn’t change his fate also. Months he been kept here alive and alone, waiting for some sign from the great lord that he would be rescue and free from this tomb. He turned to the shrine of his lord, ignoring the frantic noises and knelt down as he prayed one more time.


    The screeching and the groaning from outside started to get louder by the passing second and knew that his time was coming for him. The priest grew intense from frustration as he used his arms to swipe all the items on the table and causing them to bang and scattered across the floor. He then hastily yanked the tablecloth off the wooden table and revealed a panel that was concealed underneath the cloth. He grew cautious as he unlatched the small panel to unlock it and lifted the cover to reveal a medium size chest from within. He picked up the chest and set it back on the edge of the table as he stared at the ancient cravings around the chest.

    The doors of the church violently burst opened and slammed against the inside walls where they broke apart. The screeching and the groaning that was coming from outside had stopped and only the sound of heavy rain echoed inside. A tall figure stood at the entrance, his body hidden by the darkness and as he waited for several seconds until walking deeper inside the church. He slowly stopped by a single torch light that revealed his medium length wet blonde hair that went down and covered his eyes. He wore a plain black tuxedo and a red tie to match his suit. Both of his hands were idly concealed in his pockets as the two stood facing each other. The priest was about to speak but the screeching and groaning noises could now be heard inside and within the darkness along the walls.

    “How did you enter? This is the house of the Lord? You’re trespassing onto holy grounds! Get out you spawns of hell!”

    “I do as I will. I do not need words from a false god to stop me from doing what I wanted to do.”

    “God’s words are not false. It’s the teaching of life!”

    “Then I guess in god’s words that you will die tonight.”

    “I will not die so easily. I have the might of the Lord guiding me!”

    “And where is this holy might of your God?”

    “You leave me no choice vampire!”

    The priest turned around to the dusty decorative wooden chest in front of him which had silver and gold linings all around. He lifted the lid which revealed a white pillow that he quickly removed and underneath it was a pair of two uniquely shaped handguns. He reached for one of the handguns and lifted it by the two extensions jetting out from the gun, which he immediately took notice of the heaviness. He carefully examined the weapon as he saw four barrels with two lined up in the center and one on each side. The two extensions that were jetting out from two different directions were two extra cartridges. The priest tightly gripped the main handle, placing his fingers through the trigger hoop and quickly grabbed the other gun in his other hand. He closed his eyes, praying one last time, and then spun around as he aimed his duel cross-shaped handguns to the walls.



    “Be gone all of you hell spawns and leave this holy place at once peacefully. Otherwise, by the power invested in me and in the name of the almighty god, I shall end your sinful existence.”

    “Those are interesting guns you have there. Three guns in one forming a cross shape with the cartridges, impressive. Never would I think that the last priest of Earth would come to this kind of means of aggressive negotiation.”

    “This is your last warning Vampire!”

    “I am the son of a Vampire Lord. Do you really think I will listen to the likes of you pointing your new toys at me?”

    “As long you are in the presence of the lord, you are trespassing, and if you will not leave then I will have no other choice but to get rid of all of you devil spawns.”

    “I like to see you try! Get him my pets!”

    Human size silhouettes suddenly started to take form and their eyes began to glow red in the darkness all around the walls. The priest moved both of his guns in different directions as he was waited patiently for the right moment to start firing. One of the shadowed figure growled hungry as it jumped out from the darkness and the priest reflexively aimed both of his handguns and pulled the trigger. A loud burst of bullets fired rapidly from the cross-shaped handguns like a small gatling gun and the bullets quickly impacted the shadowed figure. The force pushed it back through the air into the darkness and crashed into the wall as the bullets violently tore through its flesh. More human size shadowed figures charged toward the priest as he now aimed both of his hands in separate directions and pulled the triggers once again.

    At the entrance of the city, a mysterious figure was riding on a silver sleek motorcycle that sounded like a jet and blazed through the city. The motorcycle was modified for severe weather mobility, including heavy downpour, and was corning at optimal speed, never sliding more than needed to. The loud roar coming from his overpowered motorcycle wasn’t stealth like as he was purposely allowing himself to be heard and wanted them to know that he was coming. The rider was wearing some sort of a glossy black baggy slick jeans and trench coat that repelled the water of sinking through. The trench coat was opened as each side was flapping uncontrollably behind him as his head was covered by the hood that shadowed his face.

    “This is Headquarters, you are forbidden and under direct order to not proceed into the city,” a male voice calmly spoke in the rider’s communicator located around his ear.

    “I do not care,” the motorcyclist replied in a vague monotone.

    “Hey, what are you doing sir?” the voice continued as he was talking to someone else and was starting to break up into static.

    “Listen to me a*****e,” a deeper voice was now speaking in the communicator. “You are under my direct jurisdiction and I am ordering you son of a b***h to turn back and get your a** back to base. If you don’t comply to my demands then I will come and get you kicking your skinny a** before I bring you back, do you hear me?” the voice continued to yell obscurities into the communicator.

    “Failed to understand orders due to interference and will not comply with the demands said.”

    “You son of a b***h, if I found you and you’re not dead then I am going to kill you myself once I get a hold of you!”

    “Connection is breaking up and will shut off communicator,” the motorcyclist continued through the streets while listening to his superior still ranting.

    The vampire started clapping as the human vamplings retreated back into the shadows and the screeching and groaning continued. “Bravo. Bravo human. You have quite the trigger fingers you got there for being a priest and all,’ he spoke calmly and the priest aimed both guns at him. “For a priest to accurately use those sinful guns and wielded them with great conviction, I am impressed.”

    “For the last time, vampire, this is the house of the lord. You and your wretched spawns of hell do not belong here and must leave.”

    “Still preaching about this so-called almighty god and expect me to abide to your threats. Give me a break human, you making this hard on yourself. There is no such thing as God or Lord as you and probably many call him. There is also no hell either for that matter. If there is truly a superior celestial being that is able to help you then I want to see him help you. I want to feel his godly wrath when I ultimately butcher the last priest that will pray under his powerless name and preach all of these lies.” The voice continued and paused for several minutes as the priest grunted his teeth and tighten his grip on his weapons. “Where is he? Where is your godly savior? He better come out soon because if he doesn’t come out now then you going to die!”

    “He will reveal himself when the time is right!”

    “Bullshit! There is no god and there never was one to start with. You wasted your life preaching and praying to a character that never existed from a fairytale book. Your species is really pathetic and that was why we slaughtered your kind because it was greatly inferior to us vampires, the true gods.”

    “Humans will rise again! God will make sure of that!”

    “Rise again? Do your really think that your god can save you now? Human species had lost the war! Vampires are now the dominate species on the planet! Not even your god or in your dreams you could ever hope to take us down! We are invincible! We are unstoppable! We are immortality!”

    “If you’re immortality then why do you have butcher shops pact with humans in them? If you’re invincible as you say you are then you don’t need our blood!”

    “You are absolutely correct human. We haven’t figure out why we need human blood in order for us to survive but I know we are getting close to the solution. To be honest, we know that there are cities out there hidden from our sight but we are waiting for them to grow in numbers. Once they grown enough, then we take them down easily and use them as livestock until we find out a way where we don’t need blood from humans any longer. Let me be the first to tell you this but once we do, human species will soon become truly extinct!”

    “You will never kill us all! We will take back our planet! Even if it means by force but we will take our home back no matter what.”

    The priest aimed his duel pistols in front of him and pulled the trigger releasing a barrage of bullets toward the entrance of the church. The tall shadow standing got into a stance and began dodging almost every single bullet with inhuman speed. He then dashed forward still dodging the bullets like they weren’t there till the bullets stopped coming and he suddenly leapt high into the air. The priest’s eyes followed the shadow in the air but it suddenly vanished in mid-air and it instantly appeared in front of him. In the little light, he was able to make out the male’s red eyes through his blonde hair and the sadistic smile that was growing wider. The blonde male swiped one of his arms in an arc at the priest but he jumped back in time. However, a set of claws tore through his robes and barely cut him his chest.

    “Your bullets will never touch me,” the vampire called out.

    The priest knelt down using his arms covering his minor wound and looked back up to see the demonic figure to be gone. He looked at both of his pistols and then saw that he was out of bullets and needed more. He then looked around for the box he got the pistols from and saw that the spare cartridges were scattered along the floor. His eyes grew wide in panic, as he had no way to defend himself against the blonde creature and human vamplings that were growling impatiently around him. He stood up and risked the chance of survival as he sprinted towards the scattered cartridges but the blonde vampire appeared charging at that same moment. The vampire swung his claws but the priest dived forward and landed roughly on the ground as he slid towards the cartridges.

    The demonic creatures finally started leaping at the priest as he released the empty cartridges from his handguns and then quickly slammed the new ones in. With stock ammo and the creatures on him in any second, he stood up and brought his duel pistols in view, pulling the triggers. The grinding noise of bullets being fired echoed throughout the church, as it seemed a machine gun was firing at high speeds. Moments later, the creatures stopped charging and his arms were straight out while smoke was rising from all eight barrels of his two pistols. The six cartridges were almost empty again as he then suddenly kick the remaining cartridge up high in the air as the creatures charged by the loud sound.

    “Come” the priest shouted as he nudges his weapons toward the creatures.

    With few seconds of firing, the bullets stopped being fired and sound of clicking echoed as he then pressed a button to release all the cartridges. In a swift precise movement, he moved both pistols in position to catch the remaining cartridge and automatically reloaded his weapons. He began firing but it was too late, claws started tearing his robes instantly and a sudden force slides him across the floor. He knelt down with blood dripping down onto the ground and as he then looked up seeing the vampire had reappear out of nowhere. He tried to lift his arms but they wouldn’t budge, as he looked around to see anyway that he could escape and find shelter. He spotted a door leading to the side alley and quickly stood up as he ran towards the door, using all of his strength to lift up his arms.

    “Get out of my way!”

    He began firing his weapons straight forward and the bullets wildly fired into the creatures that were in front of him to clear a way. Right when he got to the door, he kicked it opened and dropped his guns as he tried to escape the church to the darkness outside. He entered the alley finding him self getting soak by the heavy rain and continued running with blood trailing behind him. He did not care who was following him but he suddenly stopped as he saw a figure standing at the end of the alley. He was wearing black baggy pants and an opened trench coat with a hood shadowing the face. The priest didn’t know if the person was a vampire or human but the only thing on his mind was to escape this place. A claw suddenly thrust out of his body causing the priest to look down and saw the claw waving at him.

    “No…” the priest stuttered and widened his eyes as he felt an evil presence behind him.

    “I told you your time will come,” the blonde vampire whispered coldly.

    “Glory to the lord!” the priest whispered loudly as the claw withdrew from his body and he fell forward; dead before he hit the ground.