• "Kill him!! kill him!! Kill him!!" The crowd chants for me to die. I look at my tail and see it is bleeding my enemy is circling around me with hunger in his eyes. He has several cuts on him no shirt on with raggedy pants and is really muscular with very long hair that nearly blinds his face. I look rather the same but much skinner with short hair. He then lunges at me with his claws hitting my chest i spin around him kicking his back and biting is neck. The guy winces but shows no pain. He then elbows me in the stomach knocking the air out of me.

    "you have no chance boy your just a kid, im going to be the one to win my freedom" The guy says while elbowing me in the face. I stagger back and he turns around and claws me down my chest and then kicks me to the wall. I fall down to the ground but i quickly get up i dash towards him with both my arms and legs on the floor . i then lunge at him putting my claws deep inside his chest. While on top of him i bite his neck deeply and rips a piece of flesh off."Its over" i say and i get up and take him up by his leg .I i throw him up in the air and i jump toward him in the air sinking my claws in his back and then pushing him off with my feet.

    He lands face first into the ground and i would guess he was dead " boooo he cheated dont let him free" The crowd says and i lower my head in shame "don't worry folks He has a few more people to kill before he can get free and i assure of you he wont be able to last" The headmaster says releasing another person from the cage and this one seemed stronger will i ever get free i thought and prepared myself for battle. before i could move the guy charged at me and clawed me with a right and a left and already i was on the floor i knew this was going to be difficult

    to be continued