• I awoke from a daze, pain covering me, ears ringing, blood covering the ground, a bullet whooshed past my head, my vision was shaking, I threw up. I gasped for air; a bomb scared it right out of me. I got up … barely, a man helped me up and asked me “are ya`ll ok?” I said … hoarsely and weakly “Yah … I think”. The man said “good ya`ll go back about 1 mile back to a bunker and say eleven”. I did as he said …but looking back the bullet threw his head spelled no hope.

    I got to the bunker and said the codeword and I was rushed in then I passed out.

    I woke on an operating table in pain, hungry, thirsty, confused. A man walked in and said “11 bullet wounds 31 cuts 5 char wounds and 25 pieces of shrapnel; my god how are you sitting up .No don’t answer not till you eat and drink” I was given egg’s, bacon, toast, and a glass of milk. After my meal I felt better… healthy… alive. He asked “ Any questions?”

    “Who am I?”I asked

    “ I don’t know” he replied

    “ Ware am I?”

    “ New York”

    “ Why?”

    “Because you’re a enemy and you might know secrets… I’m guessing you don’t”

    “No sorry; why am on a operating table?”

    “Your not; your in a morgue because, you were dead for 3 hours… do you want a real room?”

    “Nah how bout a shower and some clothes” I said as I dropped off the table nude. i felt cold and sick i barely kept my food down. He pointed me towards a shower in his office (I guess you smell from working with dead bodies all day). He came back with a gray hoddie, a black shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. He said “call me surgeon; sorry the clothing smells like dead people it was off of one … Neverborn” I said in reply “Hmm?” Surgeon said “You were never dead so you’re Neverborn”.

    I rolled the name in my head while walking out of the hospital and mumbled “yah …Neverborn”

    The world fluxed, a man chased a … demon. He pined it to a wall using two daggers then sliced it in half using a sword; then shot down three more from the sky using a assault rifle. I started to move back to the hospital, in fear, he saw me and dashed in front of me, grabbed me and mumbled “candidate”. There was a flash and I passed out.

    I woke up in a chair with a scale in front of me boerd out of my mind; when a voice boomed “GRAB THE SCALE”. I did as it said and nothing happened; voices whispered above me and the voice boomed again “DO YOU…” “YEP!” I interrupted; the voice boomed (again) “BUT DON’T YOU…” “NOPE!” I interrupted (again) ; the voice then boomed “FINE


    A reaper”. Just as he finished a bolt of lightning hit me and I passed out.

    I woke up in a lobby, I felt so tired I passed out on a leather couch. I don’t know who I was but Neverborn, a reaper, and confused. I went to the bathroom and after “going” I looked in a mirror looking at my reflection I saw the temperature wind speed, and the humidity in the air. I took something, off my face, it was a mask it had lightning bolts, rain drops, and tornados all over it, I couldn’t see what I saw a minute ago, it was the mask; on my back was a shaka, in it was a katana, at my side was a 45.. colt; looking in the mirror I had green eyes, black messy hair, a rugged beard, a pretty good build, I looked in my mid 20`s .I was freaked out of why i had these things. my attention was grabbed at my left hand, I saw a gauntlet in the palm was a crystal, I moved my fingers toward it “STOP YOU MORON” a voice yelled. A man walked up to me and said “you want to blow us to hell?” I replied in fear “n…no”. The man then said “ahh you’re a newbie. You see that’s a spell gauntlet it will activate and cast a spell if you touch that. Hi my names Sydney… Call me Cinder if you want to live.” I replied with a bit more confidence “Well Cinder my name is, Neverborn and can you answers a few questions (he nodded) well what is a reaper; why am I here and why can’t I get a bed?” He the replied “This is a lobby New York’s to be exact, its ware Reapers hang out till they get a mission, you cant get a bed because reapers don’t sleep, and a reaper is a person given the powers to keep the world in equilibrium and so no divine intervention breaks the barrier also we make sure nature and humans co-exist and that a appreciation of the past and that steps forward in time occur. A reaper’s equipment is one sword, one gun, one magical item, and one piece of technological equipment. Are motto is deviant and divine blades and bullets. Reapers age upon his/her affinity, so good makes you younger (a.k..a. the future) and evil makes you older (a.k.a. the past) to live forever you must be balanced. THAT’S a reaper”.I was baffled by what he told me.

    I looked at him he wore a red zip up, a red shirt, red jeans, a red baseball cap, and a red pair of combat boots; he had blue eyes, and brown hair, and a very clean shave he looked about my age. He had a sawed–off at his side, and a pair of red gloves, with black runes on them, and on his back was a medieval sword. HE looked noble but not trust worthy. Then we noticed we were in the bathroom and we rushed out.In the lobby there was a post-it board packed with missions Cinder said “lets find you a mission”. As we walked to it I saw about 7 other reapers “liking there wounds” as I walked up to it I saw one that I wanted it said: “angel/demon pose as ghost: terminate” I took it and I teleported.

    As my body was broken down, i wondered how did I know what did these weapons were, how did i know what sounds they made, and most of all why was a morgue technician called Surgeon.