• Snow. White and pure, like innocence brought into the world by a newborn child. It seems so out of place in these times of darkness and war, full of murder, loss, and hatred. But yet... It seems so fitting. Blanketing the earth, disguising familiar things, cold, and forever vast.

    She held out her clawed hand to the blizzard out in the open space above her burrow. Her fox-like ears picked up movement in the bushes to the left of her, small and weak. An injured fawn, perhaps... It would do perfectly. She opened her eyes as her twin fox-like tails swayed as she readied herself for the leap... She took in the smell of the blood. The poor thing stumbled in front of her den, surely it would sense the predator waiting for it nearby... It wailed feebly as it's big eyes searched the forest around it. The fox-girl's ears shifted back against her head, and she aimed her claws at it's soft sides, sinking her fangs into the throat. The struggling stopped nearly instantly as the blood splattered across the snow and onto the fox-girl's face and hands. Her sharp senses picked up another sound behind her.... Like a sword being unsheathed.

    A growl issued from her throat as she reached for her own sword, and blocked the attacker's blow. "Die, Demon!!!!" A man's voice echoed around her. Her gaze became hard. "My name is Kikole..." She growled, and leapt at the attacker. Her razor-like claws clicked as she scraped them along a tree, deep gashes taking the place of bark where she touched. Her ears were pinned back, and her golden eyes were ablaze with rage... A feral roar escaped her as she ripped through his throat. Blood again splattered among the snow and trees, staining her pure white kimono with scarlet.

    Once she calmed down and got her wits about her, she looked around. The snow was dirty with blood and chunks of flesh... Her golden eyes widened in horror... She had to move fast, away from here... Away from the carnage...