• My fingers trembled as I held the photograph close to my eyes. She seemed happy at the time the printed ink was taken. Locks of her hair fell across her face hiding her eyes but highlighting the large grin on her face. Was this what she was like? I wouldn’t know. She was my guardian for the past three years and still I knew nothing about her; she was never home and when she was it seemed she wasn’t. I never complained about her never being present, frankly I enjoyed the quiet, and mostly the feeling I was on my own. I guess my body had grown accustom to the feeling, so much, that now that my last relative was dead I felt nothing. I laid the picture down on the boxes of her personal items. I failed to see what was so personal about the junk her precious box contained. Useless memories that were now lost, I mean she was dead what would she remember? Certainly not me I was just a decoration left along with the rest of the home.

    Life had to go on and I had grown sick of playing the act that my life seemed to be ruined without any real family left by my side. I was finally going back to school and living the life I was given, a dreadfully boring one. I had nothing to entertain me other than the awfully meaningless homework and headache stories Kim, my current “adult figure”, would roam about.

    I ran to the kitchen grabbed a bag of chips and got out of the house as fast as I could. I couldn’t stay in there it seemed as if the building itself would drag the life out of me against my will. I sat under the oak tree in the backyard and starred at the house. It appeared as something puked right out of a gardening magazine. There were flowers everywhere so colorful beautiful and equally repulsive. Would there be a day in which people stopped being aware of these tiny works of nature and start noticing the hell created by men? I thought about the causes of conflicts and problems in the world and like every other subject known to man it bored me into a deep sleep.

    I was woken up by surprising moisture on my face. I quickly thought it was the rain so I kept my eyes closed and waited for the next drop. Nothing. I slowly opened my eyes; I rubbed my hands against them in search for a clearer view. I blinked twice, was I seeing things? There she was dark as a clear night sky, her eyes blue with a white ring right around her pupil, her nose was long and her teeth sharp as if she could chew right across your body. She was the weirdest dog I’ve ever seen, bigger than the ones I had seen with a physic of a race dog. The muscles on her legs showed as she stood straight with a type of advanced posture, well for a dog that is. I’ve seen dogs looking at things before, but never directly at someone like she was. She would blink and only stare, not move or bark, just stare. I was afraid to pet her I had my bad experiences with dogs before, let’s just say they aren’t really fond of me. As I raised my hand to place it on her head she moved. I was hesitant to continue. What if she was rabid? Unexpectedly she placed her head on my hand and closed her eyes. She then moved her mouth and not bit but grabbed my hand gently in between her sharp bones. Once again she surprised me, as she placed my own hand on my heart and let go. Was she trained? I knew all dogs did not do such strange stuff. She let out a soft moan and ran off. I pulled myself off the floor and clutched my chest. What was happening? It hurt so much my chest was being ripped apart, a thousand needles was stabbing it until it was senseless, numb and in pain at the same time. I placed my free hand on my cheek and felt moisture being poured out of my eyes. I was experiencing a type of emotion I never actually felt. Pictures of my parents and previous known family member were being poured in my mind. Unable to contain my stand I fell hard against the grass clutching my chest even harder. I couldn’t stop it hurt so much. Was this how I really felt inside? For the first time I felt the down side to lonesome.