• Well when we left off I was well abducted reborn and recreated. I well I skip about three years when I became independant.
    "Hey check this momma cant protect the child anymore let's see if he fits here." A couple of children said as they surrounded me.
    "Whoa hold on I haven't done anything."
    "You don't need to but the administrator will be cat"
    "kill cat and we will admit you as one of us." A young tigress came out and walked in front of me her stripes raced through my head I couldn't stop myself but I missed cat they all looked as the woman behind her was injured it wasn't Kikyo it was the childrtens masters they all stared as she picked me up." I would love snack food but really I can't eat you I'm on a diet." The woman fell over. I looked at her as she died and almost instantly rotted.