• "You can't die on me! I wont let you! I'll....I'll..." Derik cried as he held her. "You'll what? There's notheing you can do, you are, after all, only human." Lilith said with a smile as she closed her eyes for what felt like the last time. "I'll give you my life!" he replied. "No! .Please don't! I don't want you to die for me!" she pleaded weakly but it was no use, he placed his lips on hers and kissed her. His life was given to her in their first, and final, kiss. She cried as his skin went as cold as hers and he fell from her side "No!" she sctreamed "I can't take an eternity without you!" She then lit a match and set the place on fire. She held his body as she cried, not because of pain from the fire, but because of the pain in her heart. Dark looked down at her from heacen to see he died for nothing, while he lived for eternity in heaven she was condemmed to hell. Without her with he, he too felt as if he had been condemmed to hell.

    ~The End~