• Episode 01-2
    The Reaper

    Chapter 02: Vampire Slayers?

    tab The priest kicked the door opened and abandoned his duel cross guns at the door as he tried escaping through the darkness outside. He entered the back alley and found himself instantly drench by the heavy downpour while he continued running with blood trailing behind him. He did not care who was following him at that moment but he suddenly stopped as he saw a mysterious figure standing at the exit. He wore a black baggy pants and an opened hooded trench coat with the hood completely shadowed by the darkness around them. The priest did not know if the person was a vampire or human as the only thing on his mind was to escape this place. He quickly resolved and was about to move forward but something violently thrust out from his body and he slowly looked down seeing a claw.
    tab “No…” the priest stuttered and widened his eyes as he felt an evil presence behind him.
    tab “I told you your time will come,” the blonde vampire whispered coldly.
    tab “Glory to the lord!” the priest whispered loudly as the claw withdrew from his body and he fell forward; died before he hit the ground.
    tab “God dies with you my good human,” the vampire laughed and then looked ahead, noticing someone standing still. “Fancy meeting another human all alone this very night,” he called out, sniffing the scent of the human and licking the blood from his fingers.
    tab “Tsk.”
    tab “Have nothing to say, human? Were you scared by what I did to this priest? If you like, I can make your death short and painless.”
    tab “…” the hooded figure continued to stand there in silence and motionless.
    tab “Time to die human,” the vampire smirked as he walked slowly to the human.
    tab “I will kill you.” The hooded male turned his head to the side and spit as he brought both of his arms up. He crossed them over his chest with one arm over the other and tightened his hands into fists. He then swung both of his arms to his sides and opened his hands as handguns came out of his sleeves and into each of his hands. The handguns were smaller and sleeker than usual with an odd look to it as everything seemed out of proportion with no room for very much bullets to be stocked inside. He lifted both of his straight out in front of him and aimed both guns towards the targeted vampire in view.
    tab “I see you came prepared but bullets are too slow to even hit me. Allow me to show you a demonstration and see for yourself that your primitive weapons won’t touch me.” The vampire continued to smirk as he took a respectful bow that purposely let him self become vulnerable to any oncoming assaults.
    tab Without hesitation, the hooded figure pressed the motion sensor trigger and unleashed a continuous wave of high-velocity bullets. The bullets came faster than what the vampire anticipated and immediately straightened out his body then he had planned. The vampire used his supernatural abilities to quickly dodge the projectiles that were coming at him in a continuous assault. What puzzled the vampire more was that the human kept firing his small handguns with no sign of stopping to reload as more bullets kept on coming. The human lessened his grip on the triggers which slowed down the firing till it stopped and he dropped his arms to the sides, watching the vampire react.
    tab “Just who are you?” the vampire snarled as some of the bullets had scratched his body but the human stood in silence.
    tab “Death incarnate…” the human whispered as his handguns gave off a gray glow and his wrist glowed in correspondence.
    tab “Are you trying to play me human? I will kill you!” the vampire yelled and stepped forward but the human immediately took aim with one of his handguns and fired.
    tab A single bullet soar through the gap between the two and tore straight through flesh of the vampire; right between his eyes. The force of the bullet connecting with his head forced it to be titled back as the human began moving in different stances and firing only a single bullet. The vampire brought his head back forward as rapid sessions of single bullets began reaching him and piercing all over his body. The human stop and returned standing still in his original position and watch the vampire falling down to the ground, with smoke rising out of each bullet holes. With the vampire down, he turned around and started walking but an unusual presence forced him to stop, tilting his head to the side in annoyance.
    tab “Where do you think you’re going, human? Playtime isn’t over. Not until I tear you to shreds,” the vampire whispered as his voice echoes throughout the alleyway. The human turned around and aimed one of his guns to the source of the voice and saw that the vampire wasn’t there anymore. “We’re going to have some fun if you don’t mind. I hope you play nice with my pets because I’m sure they can get pretty rough at times.”
    tab The human suddenly started hearing hissing and screeching in front of him and saw an army of vamplings were charging at him in every direction. He smirked as both of his guns and wrists glowed simultaneously and he outstretched both of his arms in front of him in random directions. The human tightened his grip on the sensor trigger and both handguns begun spitting bullets like a swarm of insects, leaving devastation in its wake. The vamplings in front of him were going down faster than they were spawning as the bullets tore through their flesh easily. A vampling suddenly leapt from the side as the human reacted quickly and moved out of the way, planting one of his handguns onto the vampling.
    tab The human fire point blank at the vampling which the bullets drilled through the vampling’s flesh and the forced it back into wall, with its body falling apart. More vamplings started leaping at the human but he dodged them with ease and continued using his point blank tactics. Each one of his point blank firings pierced through the vamplings flesh till it was completely disfigured or missing body parts.
    tab The vamplings began increasing their pace as the human started to move faster through their ranks, killing every single one of them there. When all the vamplings were completely wiped out, the main vampire suddenly appeared and thrust his claws toward the human. The human barely noticed the surprised attack and forced himself to jump back just in time as he landed at the end of the alley; sliding to a stop.
    tab “Where have you been when the humans were losing the war?” the vampire whispered, “I would have loved to tear your body limb by limb and drink your blood.”
    tab With the rain still thunderously pouring, the handguns that the human was carrying gave off another blue glow that reached to his wrists again. He quickly started running towards the vampire as he raised both of his weapons and immediately began firing, unleashing another rapid barrage of bullets. The vampire was now easily dodging the oncoming bullets as he ran towards the mysterious hooded human with supernatural speed.
    tab Halfway through the alleyway, the hooded human swerved toward the wall and began running along it as he continued firing his handguns. He watched the vampire stopped in place and continued dodging the bullets, as he ran along the wall with pure ease. The human was now directly above the vampire and quickly dive straight down in a corkscrew spin, hailing down hundred of bullets in a second. At the end, he kicked against the concrete wall and spun in random directions still firing while the vampire jumped out of the way before the human landed on him.
    tab “I give you credit for style human,” the vampire said with his claws millimeters from the human’s throat. However, the human had his right arm straight out and his handgun point blank to the vampire’s forehead. “But prepare to die vampire slayer!”
    tab The human fired his handgun point blank but the vampire quickly dodged the bullets and thrust his claws straight for the human’s throat. However, the human spun around the attack and stretched out his left arm and placed his handgun against the vampire’s chest and fired. A burst of bullets was released into the vampire’s body and the force pushed the vampire back slowly tearing through his flesh; leaving it in a bloody mess. The human turned his body fully to face the vampire and now pointed his right handgun instantly firing along with his other gun.
    tab The vampire tried to regained composure against the barrage of bullets and was now dodging the bullets with ease; rushing towards the human. The human stopped firing as the vampire quickly closed the gap between the two and started swinging his claws with full force. The human reacted quickly and began to dodge the attacks while his guns and his wrists were glowing gray.
    tab The vampire kept his offensive strikes by swinging his arms wildly and trying to slice the human with his claws but it was proving difficult. The human was easily dodging every attempt and was starting to counter by placing one of his handguns against the vampire’s body and fire. The vampire thrust his right arm straight toward the human but he quickly sidestepped out of the way and knelt down. With the vampire vulnerable, the human lunge his right arm against the vampire’s chest again and began firing tearing it once more.
    tab The human then pointed his other handgun towards the vampire’s right arm and fired along the entire arm as the bullets pierces all the way through. The vampire roared in the night and was getting furious from letting a single human cause this much harm to him. He then ignored the flesh and blood dripping out of his chest as it wasn’t healing and started attacking the human with everything he could throw at him. However, the human was casually dodging and blocking everything attack as he countered with a piercing point blank shot.
    tab “Who are you?” the vampire continued to roar in agony and frustrating for not being able to touch this human.
    tab “I am the one who lost everything.” The human whispered as he blocked an attack out of the way and both of his handguns and wrists glowed white. He started spinning in different stances and alternately lunge one of his handguns and unleashing a single torrent of bullets. “Everyone that I once loved was taken away from!” he yelled as the bullets forced the vampire into a wall and left him helpless with his body falling apart and blood was pouring onto the ground. As the vampire was struggling against the wall, the human continued firing his handguns and aimed downwards; tearing through his legs till it fell apart. “I was once human but died and was now born into this.” The human stopped firing and pointed both handguns at the vampire as it was heavily disfigured with his body badly torn apart. “There will be no mercy as I am the Vampire Reaper.” He pulled the trigger for the final time unleashing an almost never ending supply of bullets ripping the vampire’s body completely apart.
    tab “I agree,” a voice echoed throughout the alleyway and the mysterious figure known as a Vampire Reaper stood still. “There will be no mercy.” The rain suddenly stopped and a sudden force of pressure caused everything to blur and atmosphere started suffocating him.
    tab “What’s happening?” the Vampire Reaper barely got out as he fell down to one knee.
    tab “I have to congratulate you on killing such a troublesome youngling. We told him to not kill the priest so we can use that human as bait to lure somebody like you to this city. Who would have thought that the humans could create something to effectively withstand vampires? After witnessing what humans are now capable of I can not allow you to go and live to see the next sunrise.”
    tab “Who are you?”
    tab “I am Veries, one of the Fifteen Vampire Lords. The rightfully ruler of this pathetic land and the father to the youngling you just killed.”
    tab “A Vampire Lord you say? It must be my lucky day then,” the Vampire Reaper smirked as he quickly stood up and the pressure throughout the area suddenly dispersed.
    tab “You possessed extraordinary powers to withstand my own energy pressure however I must kill you now.”
    tab A silhouette of a tall highly-built male suddenly appeared at the end of the alleyway and started walking to the hooded human. The Vampire Lord had long black hair that went down to his shoulder and a young middle-age face that showed his everlasting youth. His entire body was hidden underneath an ancient red rob with black linings from the Old Order of Vampires, which made him one of the oldest living vampires.
    tab The handguns in the Vampire Reaper’s hands began to glow blue once again as his wrists covered by his sleeves glowed with it. He raised both arms and aimed his handguns and immediately pressing down the pressure-sensitive trigger pads. A hailstorm of high-velocity bullets headed straight for the Vampire Lord, but the bullets harmlessly went pass him, and paid no attention to them. The Vampire Reaper stopped firing as Veries smirked and his body slowly faded away and appeared directly in front of the human.
    tab “Pitiful, I guess only watching it made it seem worthy of m power,” Veries calmly spoke out loud in the human’s ear.
    tab Another wave of pressure filled the surrounding area as everything around the Vampire Lord began to become blurry once again. The Vampire Reaper suddenly got blasted back by an unknown force and collided into a wall that was at the other end of the alley. He dropped his weapons and blood escaped his mouth upon impact as he now slouched in the wall and hasn’t made any movement. The Vampire Lord quickly appeared in front of the human and lifted a covered arm towards the lifeless body in the wall. A third wave of pressure suppressed the area once again and the human violently submerged deeper into the wall. Veries dropped his arm and waited patiently for any surprise retaliation from this so-called Vampire Reaper that killed his son with ease.
    tab “Done already? I over estimated this Vampire Reaper. I guess fighting the final boss in the very beginning is too much for this human.”
    tab “So a Vampire Lord was curious about a Vampire Reaper and came out to play?” A strong male voice shouted and caused the Vampire Lord to turn around.
    tab With his body turning around, a strong force impacted his aura just before it hit and caused him to step back and fade away. Near the exit of the alley, a male human stood still and held a modified tank cannon with only one arm and was pointing it straight to the vampire. The human quickly moved his arm so the cannon was now pointing several yards straight in the air like it was nothing. He had medium length black hair that was spiked in random directions and had a set of piercing brown eyes. His outfit consisted of black baggy cargo pants, heavy duty boots and a large thin coat that was opened enough to show a dirty white shirt.
    tab Standing right next to him was a female that only stood up to his shoulder and had long black hair that trailed down her back. She had mesmerizing brown almond shape eyes that was glancing down the alley and had a light tan skin that clearly brought out her beauty. She wore a black trench coat that came down just above her knees and revealed a pair of calf-high black boots.
    tab “Get that punk-a** kid and bring him back to base, Yiyin, that’s an order!” the male commanded.
    tab “Yes sir!” the female named Yiyin replied instantly and darted through the alleyway to reach her comrade.
    tab While Yiyin was running through the alleyway, Veries appeared floating down towards the female but the male quickly fired at him. Veries vanished just before it impacted him and the bullet from the cannon crashed into the wall and blast a huge chunk out of it. Yiyin ignored the explosion behind her as more explosions soon followed as she concentrated on the hooded figure in front of her. In matter of seconds she reached the Vampire Reaper and tried to pull him out of the wall and sat him down against the wall.
    tab She then took out a tube from underneath her trench coat and pop the cap off at the end to reveal several small needles protruding out of it. She jammed the needles into his open coat straight to his heart and injected the formula into his body. His body quickly spasm and began convulsing uncontrollably by reacting to the formula that was quickly invading his entire body. She quickly took the injector out of his body and put it back underneath her coat while his body was calming down.
    tab “Please let the suppressor work,” Yiyin whispered as he held onto his body intensively.
    tab “Yiyin?” the hooded male finally barely spoke. “You’re always my life saving angel,” he continued and went back unconscious.
    tab “You’re alive!” Yiyin smiled as she put his arm over her shoulder and lifted him off the ground, “Time to take you back to base to fully recover.”
    tab “Hurry up Yiyin! I don’t know how long I could keep him at bay!” the male yelled as Yiyin nodded in acknowledgement. As soon she got him secured over her shoulder, she looked in front of her and saw that the Vampire Lord was walking towards them.
    tab “Such nuisance I must get rid of,” the Vampire Lord calmly said as the rain suddenly stopped in place. Another burst of pressure infested the area once again and started suffocating Yiyin and the male.
    tab “Your fight is with me Vampire Lord!” the male tried to yell out as he was kneeling down on his right knee. He barely brought his arm up and aimed the cannon at the Vampire Lord, firing a shot. The bullet soar through the pressure filled air as it slowed down rapidly and barely reached the Vampire Lord as it exploded…
    That's it for the second part, and I hope you enjoy it because the final part of episode one will leave you breathless.

    Episode 01-3
    The Reaper