• Akatsuki

    Hugging my knees, I waited what's going to happen. I'm stuck inside a shell made by individual papers. I tried slashing, but it reforms. Even use ninjutsu, but nothing happen - I just feel weaker.

    Minutes pass, a small hole starting to grow larger and larger. thud. I'm in the place where I run away from, now there's only the guy with piercings,"Thank you, Konan." I look where he's facing, the papers are in one place forming the feet, the black cloak, a woman's face, the blue hair, and now lastly a white flower. Now's there two.

    "Now, Rinkashi. I want you to be in the Akatsuki. You'll be treated fairly, but if you had done anything that will jeopardize this organization's safety and secrecy, you'll be punish. You'll refer me as Leader-sama. You could stay wherever you want, but you're still part of this. You'll be assign missions that is right for skills. You're not going to have a partner and here's your ring." He handed me it.

    I read what's on the ring,"It said 'kai' which means boar."

    "Taken from 'genbu' which means black tortoise. It's used to be worn from our spy, Zetsu. Oh, I do miss him, but I hope you do well. Now, Konan take her to her house or room."

    She nodded,"Oyasumi nasai."

    "Oyasumi nasai," I said it quietly.

    My house was near to the exit. Inside is only a bedroom and bathroom. I sat on my futon felt weird to this new atmosphere. " Hey..." I look at her. " Everything is going to be okay. The people here are S-class shinobis, but they're nice people just don't get on their nerves. I'll be here on the morning helping you and give you a tour -" sigh "I'm so glad that there's another woman." I grunted. She sighed,"You'll change your mind about this and be thankful that Itachi-" I lower my head not wanting her to see me crying. I heard the door closing. I let all the tears out, how's everything going to be alright. I'm in a scecret organization filled with S-class shinobis. I kept crying 'till I fell asleep.

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    "Wake up."

    I open my eyes. Infront of me is a woman with long black hair, skin light than mine and caring eyes. Is it for real. "Mom!"

    "Mom? No, it's me Konan." The wonderful image disapeared to the blue haired woman with a flower ontop."Now, get ready it's almost to breakfast." She throw clothes at me and jostled me into the bathroom,"Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up."

    I open the door."You look great," she smiled big as if we're close friends."Come on, breakfat is ready."