• Silence. Not the calming, peaceful silence that people love either. That silence where you know something is wrong and your ears ring. That’s the first thing I notice. Then pain. Excruciating pain shooting throughout my body. My head’s the worst. A constant hammering on the inside of my skull telling me I desperately need an Advil. Then the cold and hardness of my surroundings. Something’s not right… extremely so.

    I try to move, only to have more pain shoot through me. Something’s on my wrist and ankles. Hard and cold like the ground I’m on. Soft clinking noises fill the silence as I move the little I can. Shackles. I slowly open my heavy eyelids only to see, well nothing. Just darkness, pitch, pure, dense darkness. Then smells hit me. Ugly, nasty, foul smelling like blood, sweat, rotten food, among other things.

    I try to think back to how I got here, to grasp any understanding of how, or why I’m here. Wherever here is. Nothing but more, harder head pounding. My mind’s blank… completely blank. I can’t remember anything, not even… not even my name.

    Okay so assessment check. I’m in a dark… place, shackled, obviously extremely hurt, and I can’t remember who I am, how I got here, why I’m here or even what I look like.

    So I’m not exactly in the best situation.

    Another wave of pain, this one along with chills and a longing to sleep hits me. Pure exhaustion hits me without warning. Maybe I’m just dreaming. I’ll just drift to sleep, wake up and everything will be fine…

    A beam of light shines in through the darkness, illuminating the room. A figure comes in the doorway, blocking the light. Something’s in the figures’ arms, a plate with stuff on it. As the figure walks in I can tell it’s a female, but something’s on her head. I try to figure out what it is as she walks silent closer to me. As she gets about ten feet from me, I can finally tell what it is in the dim light. Holy crap, ears! Cat ears on her head, and a matching tail!

    Okay so they’re fake. They have to be fake. I look closer at them and WTF, they moved! The ears move back and forth, up and down like a cat’s trying to hear something. And the tail, flicking back and forth. Okay I may not remember who I am or anything, but I know that is NOT natural. As the cat-person girl comes nearer to me I can see what she’s wearing. Something like a maid’s outfit.

    A teenage girl looks shockingly at me. Abby, my best friend with me at my Halloween party. She’s in a cute maid outfit, duster and all. She’s shocked because I told her I’m getting my hair cut short.

    “Why would you cut all your hair off?! It’s so long and pretty!”

    “I’m tired of it being so long. I mean Abby, it’s to my waist!”

    “Yeah, but at least it’s blonde and straight, mine’s a curly frizz ball.” she says looking at her own, curly red hair in disgust.

    And just like that the memory is gone. Nothing before or after that.

    The cat-girl maid sets the platter next to me and kneels down beside me. I look down at the platter and see a pitcher of water, an empty glass, and a bowl of some sort of glop. She kneels down next to me and pours water into the glass. Only then do I realize how hungry and thirsty I am. When she brings the glass to my lips I chug the water eagerly. When it’s drained she puts the cup down and grabs the bowl of slop, bringing some to my lips. I open my mouth and eat the tasteless slop in no time, along with the rest of the pitcher. When I finish everything she puts everything back on the platter and walks out, leaving me lone in the dark again.

    That only last about ten minutes. Soon the door opens once again, the beam of light filling the darkness with it’s sweet illumination once again. Two figures enter the small holding room. Another girl, though this one doesn’t have ears or a tail. Her short brown hair barley framing her face, and wearing the same outfit as the first girl. The tall man beside her gives off an aura of power. Walking with perfect posture and wearing obviously extremely expensive cloths. Just being in the same room as him, just him being able to see me brings fear throughout me. As he nears me I can see his hair is black, and his eyes an abnormal blood red.

    “So this is our newest purchase?” he asks the girl without taking his eyes off me. The girl just nods in response, not taking her eyes off the ground.

    “Hmm.” he says more to himself than to the girl. “Pretty one, even chained up and all dirty. And human,” he says the word in disgust. “The boys and I will defiantly have fun with her.” he smiles flashing gleaming, white teeth and canines long and sharp. Holy crap! Most people will call me crazy, but that dude is a vampire! He laughs, no doubt at my shocked and scared face. “Get her ready, and make sure she doesn’t disappoint.” he leans in closer to me. “Shame if she screws up and we have to kill her.” The girl nods, still looking down and he leaves.

    The door closes once again, leaving both of us in darkness. I hear the girl shuffle around and then the small room is filled with the soft glow of a lamp. The girl, who looks about 16 walks over to me.

    “Hi. I’m Kelsie, but you can call me Kels.”

    “What?” I ask, but my voice is so raspy it comes out crackly and incoherent.

    She smiles, she actually smiles. Not a huge beaming grin, but a slight raise of her mouth, which is more than I could ever manage at this point. “Welcome to Hell,” she states bluntly. I clear my throat and try to talk again.

    “What?” I ask again.

    “You have just been capture, sold in the slave market and sold to some of the biggest assholes in the entire world. But, I wouldn’t let them hear you saying that-or thinking.” I just give her a blank look. “Yeah, I guess you don’t really get this since you’re human. Well see there’s a whole other world compared to what you’re used to. It’s filled with demons, vampires, nekos, fairies, werewolves, ogres, and just about every other fantasy creature you never thought was real. They have their own slave market, and you got yourself captured and sold. It kind of sucks that you got bought by who you did. This is probably the worst place to be a slave at, but then again it depends what you do. Some things, like kitchen duty aren’t that bad. But the blood slaves… well lets just say you better hope you aren’t one.”

    “Uhh… what?” I ask confusingly.

    “Come on, we’ll get you cleaned and dressed. I’ll fill you in on everything while we’re doing that.” the girl named Kelsie says while she unchains me.