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    The Untamed by bri

    Chapter 1; Newbie

    " Help! Help! I'm being attacked! Help me somebody!" The giant creature lunged at the small animal. "Ahh! Some one help me!" screamed the littly furry animal. "Don't let it catch me!" the creature lunged at the little creature again but with more force.

    " Get away from me foul beast!" said the animal running out of breath. She ran faster and faster, till she spotted a bush. She leaped with all her might toward the large, green bush. Before she could get behind it... BANG!

    " Ahh! What the heck was that?" I said. "Michael! What the hell did you just break! You woke me up! What was that? Michael!"

    " Mom! She's gonna kill me! Help! Mom!" my little ten year old brother screamed. " What? Michael! What the heck did you break? Tell me now! MICHAEL!" I screamed at him. "Michael!" my mother screamed at Michael. "Yes Mom? Ahh! Get Kaitlyn away from me Mom!"

    " What did you break?!? You woke me up with the noise!" Suddenly, my dog started barking. It was almost like he was in the conversation. I just went to see him at the front door. I opened the door for him to go outside.

    " I broke your first place dancing trophy! There i said it!" Michael screamed from halfway across the room. " You what? Come here you little booger! Get over here! I'm going to rip your head off!" I screamed infuriated with him.

    "This is not exactly how I had pictured the first day of school for you two. Stop. Stop! STOP! NOW!" our mom screamed at the top of her lungs. She grabbed Michael by the shoulders, pushing Kaitlyn away from him but struggling to do so.

    " Can't you two at least try to get along? Come on. It's your first day of school. Now stop it and start getting ready to go." Mike and I both growled at eachother. I stomped up the stairs to her room, trying to remember the dream that I'd just had. What could it have meant?

    Going to a new school couldn't be that bad could it? To me, starting out in a new school in eighth grade was not my mom's best idea. I didn't want a new school. I loved my old school and my old friends. I hated the thought of leaving it all behind. I knew that there was no one that could ever replace them. Especially not my crush. I'd never see him again. That was the worst part. I couldn't even begin to imagine how they felt about my move.

    I walked out the front door of my new home toward the bus stop. There was plenty on my mind already. I was so ready to get the day over with. I heard my mom call out to me and looked back at her slightly.

    "Have a great first day sweety!" she yelled out to me. Yeah right, I thought to myself. " I'll try my best Mom!" i screamed back, trying to keep my voice from cracking.

    When i finally got to the bus stop people were already getting in. I walked up through the bus door slowly behind the people that were infront of me. The bus was completely crouded with middle schoolers. One girl was sitting by herself surprisingly.

    " Is this seat taken?" I asked the girl as politely as i could. " No. You can sit there." the girl replied. " Thanks." I sat down next to the girl. " My name is Madeline. My friends call me Mads." she said. " What's your name?" Madeline asked me. " Oh, I'm Kaitlyn. Nice to meet you." Maybe the new school wouldn't be so bad after all . Madeline seemed really nice which made me feel a little better.

    The bus started up again with a jerk. I started thinking about the dream again. What was that thing that was chasing that little animal? What was the animal? " Are you new here Kaitlyn?" Maddy asked me. " Hmm? Oh. Yes i'm new. Sorry. I was day dreaming." I said back to Madeline. " It's kind of nerve racking you know? Coming to a new school in eighth grade." i said. Suddenly all the bad thoughts started coming back to me.