• I sighed as I walked into the Restaurant. So far, it had been a hectic day. I was on a shift till the evening, when I was going to a ‘get-together’ with my family and some others. I wasn’t good at parties. It got incredibly awkward, talking too all those people, more than half of them, I didn’t even know. You would get the classic grannies, them saying the classic lines of ‘the last time I saw you, you were this big!’ and ‘my, haven’t you grown!’ I walked through the restaurant; know one was at the tables yet (of coarse, we weren’t open yet). I briskly walked into the kitchen, passing the chefs who were preparing ingredients and waitresses who had got there before me, ‘pre-aproned’. “Hey Izzy.” I said, briskly walking up to a coat rack, dumping my stuff and taking an apron off the hook that hung on the wall next to it. One of the chefs – Isabella, or (as I called her) Izzy, for short - paused from her preparations and stared at me, her head turning form left to right as I whizzed back and forth, preparing necessary things, checking I had everything.
    “Franky.” She said. I immediately paused by her.
    “Yes?” I asked. Izzy raised an eyebrow.
    “What’s the matter?” she said, she almost looked like she was going to laugh. I frowned, shrugging.
    “Nothing. Why?” Izzy paused and wrinkled her nose.
    “Your pale, trembling and you never go about work this fast. Are you ok?” I hesitated before I spoke. Weirdly, I felt like I could burst out laughing. To think that I would of lost my life today, if it weren’t for that…guy… I grinned.
    “I just realized how important life is.” I said. Izzy squealed.
    “Is it a guy? Tell me it’s a guy!” I giggled
    “Well, yes and no.” she waited for me to continue, looking like she was about to burst with anticipation. “I almost got run over this morning.” Her face was suddenly frozen, her grin slowly fading.
    “What?” she whispered.
    “Nearly.” I insisted. “I would be dead if it weren’t for the…guy.” Izzy’s grin snapped back on and she squealed as I said the word she so wanted to hear.
    “Tell me everything,” she demanded, excitement radiating off her. “What was he like? How did he save you? Was he god looking? Of coarse he was! Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation!” she laughed, a tinge of manic excitement edged on. I giggled
    “Well,” I said, more than happy to give the details. “He was good looking. Too good looking!”
    “I knew it!” Izzy cried. I smiled.
    “I walked into the road and he pulled me out the way before the car could touch me.”
    “You numbty!” Izzy giggled, “Always walking into roads! Still, its a good excuse for prince charming to step in.” she gasped, “Maybe he was super man! …Or something.”
    “Maybe. I think he was a doctor.” I said. Izzy gasped again
    “Ooo, yeah, doctors get good pay.” She gasped once again and i wondered if she would start blowing up like a balloon with all the air she was taking in. “Did you get his number?” I chuckled
    “No. Couldn’t really do that, could I? Maybe if-" I was suddenly cut of as the head chef strode in. He clapped his hands loudly, demanding attention immediately.
    “Alright everyone, were opening up. People are already coming in.” Izzy grinned
    “Well talk later.” She said, turning back to her cooking, and almost squealing when she realized that it was lukewarm. I giggled at her surprise then rushed out into the main eating area, where people were already taking their seats.
    “Iv got table 6.” I called to the other waitresses and walked out, producing a pad and pen.