• What was it like... to be normal?

    I had always wondered what people would think if they weren't normal. I was that kind of girl. Daydreaming was my thing.
    It wasn't my fault that people usually took me for a bad person. Most people didn't like me.
    I couldn't stop thinking about my damn video game. I'm an addict.
    So, anyways, life went on as normal.


    It wasn't my fault.


    "Hey, can you hear me?"
    A voice floated into my mind. I looked over my shoulder. Everything was frozen, including the teacher. I got up and walked over to the person.
    "I can. What do you want?"
    The person faded, and everyone was back to normal."
    "Luci, if you're not going to stay seated, then you can leave my class."
    God, how I hated everyone calling me Luci. Sure, my parents mistook me for a boy at birth (when the doctor told them my twin brother and I were the opposite gender... how stupid) and named me Lucian, but now everyone calls me Luci. I like the name Lucian. At least it's not as stupid as Canida. (it's ca-NEE-da, not canehda.) I mean, come on.
    "Teacher, my name is Lucian, as you full well know."
    "But you're a girl, and so we have to call you Luci."
    "How stupid can you get? I hate the name Luci and will not be stuck with it! My name is Lucian! LU-CI-AN! Get it straight, you cabbage-eating sorry excuse for a human being!" I shouted back. The teacher was taken back and then he shouted back something so horrible that everyone gasped. I smirked.
    "Whatever, you moper." Luci was the name of his deceased wife, so he loves calling girls with an L in their name Luci.
    I growled. "Don't make me say it again!"

    And so, I got a phone call to my parents.


    "Let's go, Lucian. You can explain this at home."
    I sighed. Of course, I had to walk. When we were grounded, that meant we couldn't even have a ride to school! We'd have to walk in 100 degree weather to school, and I've had heat stroke twelve times because of it. I've been to the hospital five times during. It was fun to relax and let yourself slip into sleep mode, because there's nothing to do. I've snuck my DS to school on many occasions and played Lunar Knights as many times as I could. I was stuck on a certain part, and was seeking a walkthrough to get through it. But, sadly, there were no walkthroughs for a new game. I had the import of Bokura no Taiyoh 3: Sabata's counterattack and the import of Lunar Knights in Japan. It was fun to play around with it.
    But now, I had the task of walking home.

    How could parents be so cruel? Did they actually want me to be a boy?

    "Lucian, you'll be walking home. Come on, Canida. you can come with us." My mom said. Canida looked at me, sorry that I had to walk home.
    "No. I think Lucian and I will walk home together today." Canida said. He was the only one sympathetic towards me. We were twins, but with differences. I had dark black hair and he had light blond hair. We shared a bond no one else did. We understood each other.

    But all that was about to change.

    Why couldn't we have just gotten a ride home?

    "Lucian, you know, being lost in thought isn't going to help." Canida said. I smiled.
    "I know, Canida. But I can't help feeling..."
    Canida stepped onto the road, not watching as a truck came right at him.
    I ran and shoved him out of the way.
    My name was the last thing I heard before the truck hit me and everything went black.


    When I awoke, I was in a room. A strange room...

    "Lucian.... You're awake!"

    Only then did I realize that... that voice wasn't my brothers...

    What did I get myself into?

    "We thought you were dead, Lucian." Another voice said. Obviously, I wasn't home, or in the hospital...
    So I did what I knew. I screamed.....