• "Lilly, Lilly." " Get up you'll be late for school!" Sarah yelled.
    "Sorry mom, i'm getting ready, i already showered now im fixing my hair!" Lilly yelled back.
    "You already got dressed right..?"
    "................." no comment from Lilly.
    "Lilly!" "Dear answer me or no party for you on Saturday!" said Sarah.
    "Sorry mom, i was just in my closet getting my dress picked out for the party Saturday, and yes i am dressed!"
    "Well okay you're going to be late..Sam already took the bus..now i have to take you...Lilly...Lilly, what are you doing up there!"
    She yelled her name for 5 minutes. Then when she was 1 minute for school.
    Finally her mom came upstairs to tell her to get ready but right when she hit the first step..
    Sarah ran up the stairs like a Cougar.
    She found Lilly laying down with blood gushing out of her leg.
    "Oh My GOSH!" " What the HECK happened here!"
    "WHO LILLY, WHO IS SHE!!!???"
    "Mah!" Lilly said.
    "WHAT! and why are you calling me Mah....call me mom please...!"
    "She, she, broke the...Mirror...and threw...it on...me...It hit my leg...!"
    "Take me...to a hospital...i can't move my leg!!!" Lilly Gasped for air with tears running down her face like she was making a river for replacing her head.
    She had blood in her hair and her pants were covered in blood. Lilly screamed again for the pain.
    She got rushed to the hospital.
    "Well she broke her leg with as well as her arm. What i don't understand is no blood veils
    weren't broken witch is really special for a girl this young at age." Carmon said.
    "Now sweetie do you think your well enough to go to school?" Asked Sarah.
    "No mom i have a broken leg and arm i can totally go to school when i can still barely walk
    compared to 8 hours and 15 minutes. SURE I CAN GO!" Lilly said while being sarcastic.
    "Okay then stay home...you will miss your test and then you will have to do it here at home."
    Sarah whined.