• Plz Father stop it hurts....There is so much hate so much violence its suffocateing me!" (Trying desperatly to catch her breath between sobs) "Plz dont make me go...Plz" (Begging at his feet blinded by his radience) "It's my job to love all creatures under the divine. So how can they punish me for loveing as you've told me to do... I dont understand...Why do you let them control you as they do? Plz I dont want to lose everything... I've done nothing but good all my life I studied, I sang, I loved, and I grew Under supreme EXPECTATIONS. What more do they want from me? I have given all of myself and still they give me nothing but to be forever reincarnated on earth until the very end of time. And even then must I fight for what is rightfully mine... My wings, my eternal soul, my freedom?"

    "Yes you must fight and you will.This is not the end it is just the very begining! Are you ready my child it is time for you to start your journey!"

    Standing steadally "Then fight I shall!" Grabing the blade in one hand and the other gripping her long golden teresses...with much force she pressed the blade against her hair swiftly cutting the angelic strands. Throwing the golden mop of hair at the hearth of the creator. "Look... I'm a warrior of god!"

    "Yes My child you are a saint in my own house of sin. You will not go unrewarded. Now are you ready to go?"

    "Yes my lord I am unafraid I will take the world on with you on my side! One day my lord I will return with those most deserving by my side and we will punish the elders, take back the hevens, and free you from etameniki! Forever I will love you my lord... "
    A long time ago.... an angel fell in love with one of the supreme council members but when she confessed of her love He was disgusted and in a rage he told her that he could never see her face again. So the angel in a despreate attempt to leave her mark on his heart took a rose and pressed it to her lips and said "Le bleu déchire cette chute tachera vos rêves" (Translation: Blue tears that fall will stain your dreams) Instantly the rose petals turned blue. Giving him one more hate filled glance she turned and tossed the blue rose into the field that lay infront of his home and with in seconds hundreds of blue roses grew before him....Quitely leaving without another word she never returned. But her roses contiued to grow and as they grew the council member went mad with guilt! One day he couldn't take it anymore he ran to the rose field and with his bare hands ripped them all
    out of the ground and when he was finished he sat on his knees hands bleading profusely in the center of all the dead roses. But just when he felt releaf the sky darkend with rain clouds and as the rain came down all the roses begain to grow once again.... The council member was later removed from his duties seeing as he was unfit to work....The Creator was in disbelief of how a simple angel could drive one of the highest council mebers crazy and create eternal flowers at the drop of a hat! When god himself confronted the angel he asked her how she acomplished this very thing....Her response was "Love makes you do crazy things."The angle was never punished but the Blue rose garden was sealed off and gaurded. The blue roses were banned by the creator...because of their wickedly evil powers.
    As the angel of love fell from the hevens to her imprisonment on earth she was surounded in blue rose petals so all the angels would know that even the angel of love is forbiden to love. All the angels watched in aww and sorrow as to what the so called paradise had become....But as she fell she said this "The tears that fall and the blood that crawls both shatter at winters end. But the sun that shows and the wind that blows pick up the pieces again! "Her face was serious but hopefull looking once more at all she loved so dearly and all she was forced to forget.... The first of God's warriors!