• What did I get myself into?

    Okay, first off, My name is Lucian Jundersnatch, or just Lucian. I've never like my last name and constantly drop it when I'm writing my name down on things, like an application for a job.

    If you're just starting the story, then I will recap on what happened in the last chapter.

    In short, I yelled at my teacher, got a phone call home, was grounded in the principal's office when my parents came (although it is never said), and was forced to walk home. Canida, my twin brother, walked home with me. I saved his life by pushing him out of the way of an oncoming semi. When I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar place. That's the short version, cuz I don't have time for the long one.


    "I don't think this is Lucian, meow." The cat said, examining me. "The body is the same, but the strange thing is..."
    "What is it?" Asked the spiky brown-haired boy.
    "It seems that Lucian's soul has been missing for quite a while." The flower said.
    "Just HANG ON A SECOND!" I shouted. "What the heck are you talking about?"
    The three observers looked at me. I felt like I had just put myself on the spot. But I didn't care at that moment.
    "Look, whatever happened happened. But what does it have to do with me? You keep talking about me like I'm dead or something." I said, calming myself down.
    "It looks like another soul has taken Lucian's body as its own." The cat said.
    "I'm right here, you know..." I said, perturbed. What where they thinking..? I was right there, they knew me and yet were talking about me as if I wasn't there. I felt really angry. So I slammed my fist down, scaring them and shouted,
    They all looked shocked, but the cat regained its composure.
    "Tell me, Soul.. What is your name, meow?"
    They were shocked. I took that so bad, I exploded.


    (a/n: Lucian has anger management problems....)

    "What's your name....?" The boy asked. I glared at him, but then realized I felt hungry.
    "I'd love to yell again, but I'm starving. Do... you... have... anything edible to eat?" I said, looking as pitiful as possible.
    "S-sure..." The boy ran off, leaving me with the flower and the cat.
    They started interrogating me.
    "What's your name, meow?" The cat asked.
    "Lucian." I said. "I'm female, but my name's Lucian."
    "Age?" (Flower)
    "Why did you take over Lucian's body?"
    Only then did I realize what was going on, by looking at the cat. Once my gaze fell on it, I realized that I was no longer in my own body. I hadn't noticed I couldn't see out of my best eye (which happens to be my left). I reached up, confused, and touched the eye patch covering it. What was strange was that I could see great out of my right eye, like no blurriness or anything. I looked down. My entire torso was covered in bandages, as if I had been wounded. I took a second, and then looked up at the cat & flower, realizing they were Nero and Toasty.
    "I-I...." Lost for words, I fell backwards, my head hitting the pillow. I stared up at the ceiling, not blinking.
    "Are you all right, meow?"
    "I-I'll be fine. I just need a minute to.... let this sink in." I said, trying to find my voice, which had mysteriously disappeared.


    The boy, Aaron, returned a few minutes later with food and wine. I sat up and stared at it.
    "W-what is this?" I asked, touching it and looking at Aaron, confused.
    "I'm not sure, either. The innkeeper told me it was good for people who had just came out of comas."
    So my real body was soulless and in a coma. I closed my eyes (or, more specifically, my eye) and tried to imagine myself lying in a hospital bed, with my brother there by my side.
    The image was vivid, clear. I could see it... but how?
    Maybe because I slipped into a dream...

    - (Canida's POV)

    "Lucian, please wake up.."
    I had been there for weeks since Lucian first fell into a coma. Her body was cold. I missed her warmth, her friendship.

    People may call us twins, but that's only because we were born on the same day, same month and same year. I'm adopted, so I'm not really Lucian's brother. I never even had a name until I was adopted. The Matron of the orphanage had me in a dress and everything, and I was crying because it was horrible there. Only seven months after I had been named 'Canida' and thought as a girl did I meet Lucian. She was adopted as well, but seemed distant, always in the world of video games. She was sweet... but she didn't like being messed with.

    I touched Lucian's hand. I hoped she would be all right.
    Her finger twitched. A good sign. She was waking up.

    Lucian opened her eyes, looked around and said,
    "Where am I...? And who are you?"

    That's when I knew... that it wasn't Lucian... but an invading soul...

    - (Lucian's POV)

    "Your Lucian is at my world, I think." I said once I woke up. "He's... taken my body as his."
    "But Lucian's soul was damaged, gone..." Nero said. "How can that be?"
    "I came in contact with his soul while in my coma...."


    I was lost, confused. I didn't know where my body was. I had wandered for so long, trying to find my body.

    I heard a moan, and rushed to the source. Lying on the ground was a broken person, a lost soul. I smiled gently and touched him with my hand. (A/N: In my worlds, souls can heal each other...) The soul healed instantly and stood up. We looked at each other for a second before walking in the opposite directions...


    "Lucian must've found the wrong body, like I did..." I said, sighing. My body felt weak... tired. I wanted to sleep...
    "You'd better go back to sleep, Lu." Aaron said. I stared at him.
    "Lu? Is that a shortened name of mine?" I asked.
    "Umm... I don't want to get confused.." Aaron said. So I sighed.
    "Whatever. I'm goin' to bed..."