• Color Key:

    White: no personality
    Black: negative, evil
    Gray: alone, depressed
    Brown: fun-loving but depressed
    Purple: happy, spiritual, sensual
    Blue: emotional, spiritual
    Green: jealous and/or relaxed
    Yellow: joyous, stubborn
    Orange: energetic, determined
    Pink: flirty, caring
    Red: angry, nervous, and unforgiving


    Akisha drew her swords, pulling them across her chest into a fighting position. “Never,” she growled. Uttering a shrill battle cry she rushed forward. Thrashing her swords to and fro, severing the heads and limbs of her enemies. Their commander stood helplessly, his mouth fell open. Within seconds, his entire army had fallen to the ground, crushed into the dirt, drenched in their own blood.
    She leaped up to the ledge under him, a smirk playing on her lips. Her dark green eyes flashed as she asked, “How’s that for proof?” She slid her swords back into their sheaths. Stepping up the commander’s level, Akisha gazed into his fearful eyes. She walked past him, her long coat swishing in the breeze.
    Just as she was about to free the man of her dreams and make a final kissing scene, a loud beep sounded in her ears, echoing through her head.
    “Aww…” I whispered groggily. I reached over and banged my alarm clock and it stopped beeping. Sitting up, the images of my dream flashed before my eyes. I groaned and stood and walked to my closet, pulling out a pair of blue jeans and a blue tee. I dragged myself and my clothes to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, getting undressed quickly as the steam filled the room and fogged up the windows.
    After dressing, I walked downstairs to get some breakfast. I smiled as the familiar pinkish-yellow aura surrounding Danny, my mother.
    “Hi, honey! How’d you sleep? Ready for your first day of ninth grade?” She went on and on, asking if I was sure I was ready, and if I needed anything. I gave her a hug and watched as the blue covered baby crawled around on the floor. I laughed when he tugged on my jeans.
    “Mom, why is Seth wearing a pink blanket?” I giggled, picking him up and bouncing him on my knee.
    “Oh…” she sighed, “Tommy probably put it on him just for fun. Where is he anyway?” she called his name but there was no answer.
    “I’ll go wake him.” I handed her Seth and went upstairs again to get my nine year old brother. I opened his door despite the “Knock First” sign and found him still sleeping, apparently having forgotten to turn on his alarm last night. I sat down on the bed beside and looked at his childish face. Shaking his shoulder lightly, I whispered, “Hey sleepy head, time to wake up! We got school today! Remember, you have to start fourth grade!” With no answer, he turned over and looked up at me.
    “Fine…” he mumbled softly. I stood and urged him one last time to get up now before leaving and heading back downstairs.
    Only when I had poured my cereal and was about the put the first bite in my mouth did I realize something. I froze, spoon halfway up to my face. I hadn’t see his aura when I woke him.

    Chapter 1
    Three days earlier

    “I’m going over to Jake’s house! See you later!” I heard Tommy say from the front door.
    “Be back by two!” I called after him. The door slammed and I continued playing with Seth. Mom had gone out on errands so I had to take care of the boys. My dad was always gone from six to six everyday, but my mom was a stay-home mom. Normally I wouldn’t let my little nine year old brother out on his own, but since he had met Jake, a new kid that lived next door, Mom and I have been letting him go there often.
    Seth started crying so I grabbed his sippy-cup and handed it to him. I walked over to the couch with him in my arms and turned on my laptop. I entered my password and opened my playlist. As the music played from my speakers, I relaxed seeing my normally green aura turn to an even darker shade. Seth let his cup fall from his hand as he fell into a deep slumber. I found that any song by Debussy would do the trick of putting him to sleep. I set him in his rocker and changed the song so something more rock-ish. I sat back on the couch, letting the music fill me up. I soon found myself falling asleep.


    I woke up a few hours later to the garage door opening and my mom coming inside. I rubbed my eyes and made sure the baby was okay before turning off my playlist.
    “Hey, mom,” I said quietly as she walked in.
    “Where’s Tommy?” she asked, an unnatural look of worry on her face. Her aura had turned to an ugly reddish green.
    “He went to Jake’s. I told him to be back by two.” I looked at the clock, surprised that it said it was five-thirty. My mind felt puzzled and I stood up shakily. “Did you check his room?”
    “No…” she said quietly. I feel immediately better and run up the stairs. I knock on his door but hear no answer. I noticed that his light is on and open the door to find him napping with his earphones on. I silently closed the door behind me and head back downstairs.
    “He’s just asleep, listening to music.” I watched as both her expression and aura turn back to normal.
    She smiled and asked, “Do you want to help with dinner?”
    I nod and help her unpack the groceries she picked up.


    Right as I was about to get the pork roast from the oven, a huge rainbow covered man walked into the kitchen. He struts over to Mom and gives her a big smooch right on her lips. I make a gagging sound and giggle. Placing the pan carefully on the stovetop, I slide off my gloves and give my dad a big hug.
    After rousing Tommy and Seth from their sleep, we all sit down to eat. I try to ignore the rainbow of mixed colors. With the baby on Mom’s lap their colors blend to make a pretty strawberry and blueberry smoothie. With dad sitting across from me, his large rainbow halo almost blocked out Tommy’s light orange and blue swirl. I always loved looking at his aura because it reminded me of a summer popsicle.
    I giggled to myself remembering the brownish yellow he was when he was a baby. He turned towards me with questions in his eyes. “Later,” I mouthed to him. He nodded and giggled very softly. He was the one person that knew I saw aura’s. Dad looked over at us and raised his brows. I shook my head and went back to eating.