• Years ago from now, there was a rumor that there was an magical wolf, running on the bottomless ocean, his long tail leaved an track of perfectly clear water. The rumor was true, people said they saw the wolf, surrounded by water. His iceblue eyes looked. Just looked at the beach, at the world. At one day, people said the wolf came to land. Transformed into a human. People didn't knew if it was male or female, but they knew one thing; it was perfect.

    A young girl with long, blonde hair and blue eyes sat at the beach, with hills of seashells. The girl weared a white dress, and grabbed a few seashells, looking at them. The girl didn't say a word, but her eyes said that she was lonely. She looked at the clear sky, and slightly smiled. She heared the sound of the waves. Peaceful. The waves reaced her feet, wich she slowly withdrew. She heared a calm voice. A greeting. She looked up. A tall boy with brown hair stood in front of here. He smiled slightly. The girl smiled back, and answered with "Hello." The boy came down and sat next to her. "What are you doing?" He says, looking at the shells in her hand. The girl followed his gaze. "I collect shells." She said, with her sweet, high voice. "Why?" The boy said chortling. The girl first said nothing. Then she awnsered. "Some people say that you never find a shell that's perfect, some say you never find one that's not perfect." The boy looked at her with his green eyes, while the girl smiled. Then he looked at the shells on the sand. "That's nice." He grabbed a shell, white with a blue corner. "Where are you from?" The boy said while looking at the shells. The girl remained silent for a while. "I come from far away." The boy nodded. "You're on vacation?" "No.." the girl answered with a small voice. The boy looked at her. At her eyes. They were iceblue, he saw. Iceblue.