• My heart ached as I sit on the dark black pavement sidewalk thinking about my horrible life. I've known too many people that have helped me up and brought me to the sky. And then as if I were nothing dropped me like a rock into a pond. I’ve been crushed and walked on. I can't stand it anymore. No one around me can I trust no one. No one is ever to be trusted or to help me. I tell them who I am when they say they trust me and then their gone to flee to another country. I am different but outside is where I belong. The rain pouring down on my white hair making it look gray and the black genuine highlights in my hair stand out.
    My green eyes covered in water from rain tears and hatred. My beautiful red sun dress, soaked making it stick to me, had also been fulfilled at being drenched in tears and rain.
    I stood up and walked toward the woods my hair curtaining my face while my head hung low. My black converse hit puddles of water and the pavement here and there. But my heart slowed with each step as I walked toward the growth of trees. I was waiting to get to them because as soon as I was in the black dense trees I'd be sailing in my own world. I held up a pale white hand to wipe my hair from my face. I did and then I walked through the trees. A small smile came to my face. I touched a tree to my right its trunk soft with moss.
    "I'm home and I want to sleep." I spoke to the tree as if it was an old friend and it was. I climbed up the tree to a spot where the branches connected to make a big nest just big enough for me to fit in. I lay my head on a soft bed of leaves and closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. The wind whistled as if singing to me in my dreams. And then I heard a voice. It was saying things I couldn't hear.
    I woke up to find a boy with a red umbrella standing below the tree. He was trying to say something to me but my mind wasn't paying any attention. It was still filled with hatred. He smoothed his jet black hair out of his face. And out of his brown eyes to see me properly. He was wearing one of those goofy vests and a jacket with a pair of black pants. He looked weird but in a good way. He looked nice enough that I climbed down not paying attention to my mind telling me. 'Remember we said never again?'
    His lips moved back and forth a lot and I had no clue what he said but I heard a faint buzzing in my ear when his lips moved. Then slowly I heard him say.
    "Are you alright?" he asked me. I nodded and forced my back toward the tree so I could feel its mossy cover.
    "I don't hurt people it's alright. Trust me?" I hate those two words. I ran to the other side of the tree and held my arms against its only bare spot. He walked around with concern all over his face.
    "What's the matter?" he asked. Did he not understand I wasn't meant for human interaction or was he an idiot?
    "Go away I trust no one." I looked the other way at another tree. It was also an old friend a tree that twisted and turned itself around to the top of the trees.
    "I am not going away its rude and you're freezing cold in those wet clothes." he was stern and stubborn. I shivered now that he had mentioned it I was cold.
    "Go away I can take care of myself. And I don't need anyone!" I was frustrated and on the verge of even more hatred tears. I looked back around because I thought he was gone. He was shocked and offended two things I knew very well.
    "Well I'm sorry miss. I thought you'd want some help with getting back onto your feet. But apparently I'm mistaken and not welcomed to help." he looked sorrowfully at me and he adjusted his jacket the walked away. I was happy he was gone. I crawled over to my twisted friend and climbed up her branches and sat on the fourth one. I swung my feet on the branch looking down at them. Then I looked up and through a few patches of leaves I saw the beautiful blue sky. It had stopped raining. I climbed down to go see some of my other friends. I visited five more trees when I stopped at an orange tree. I picked one of the oranges off and peeled it. I took a bite when something tapped my shoulder. I yelped and turned around accidentally whipping my hair into someone’s face who yelped also. It was him again.
    "I'm sorry to bother you but I thought you might want a snack. But it seems you've already gotten one." he turned around and walked away again. This time I watched him he turned right and onto the path to the heart of my tree home. I followed him wondering where he was going.