• There once was a girl named Theodore. She lived in a magical world. This means she had powers. But she had no ordinary powers. Even when she was 3 years old, She could control time, She could do long division. She could also read other peoples mind, she could run around the world in 1 second. She could control the wind too. But one day a person found the magical land. Which means people started to throw trash on the land. So, Theodore started to lose her powers! Soon the wind started to act up. It was horrible! Theodore became so weak she could hardly walk. She called her Aunt Melissa, and told her everything that happened. Aunt Melissa rushed to the magical land! When Aunt Melissa saw the island she almost fainted! So they finally, called the whole family. They came as soon as they called. When all the family was there, Aunt Melissa told everybody what happened. Theodore didn’t because, she had gotten so weak she couldn’t talk! (Her mom lived on Venus, but brought Theodore a wheelchair)So the family joined hands. There magic became so strong; they didn’t only pick up the trash. They hypnotized the guy who discovered the planet that means everybody forgot about it too. The mom cried”Hallelujah” Theodore could talk, walk, and got her powers. But before everybody left, they turned the planet invisible. So the same thing wouldn’t happen in the future.