• I'm sitting in my room blowing on some hot chicken noodle soup. I sneezed and almost dropped the bowl. Alucard held the bowl as I finished my recent string of sneezes. He put it back in my hands and stood up, leaning againt the wall as Integra walked into my room. I wrapped the blanket tighter around me as she came over with a thermometer in her hands. I groaned as she forced my mouth open and stuck it in. A minute later she pulled it out and tsked herslef. She looked down at me and said, "It's up to 100.3. We might need to keep you home while Alucard fights." I snapped my head up and said, "NO! I'll be perfectly alright out on the battlefield so there's no need to-" I paused as I sneezed again, the soup bowl almost falling yet again. Integra rolled her eyes, turned on her heels, and walked off, saying, "Until that fever's passed you are not allowed to leave this room!" I groaned before sneezing again and dropping the bowl. Alucard caught it and held it back up and let me finish sneezing before giving the bowl back. He brushed a light kiss on my lips and let his forehead rest on mine. I sneezed again and our heads slammed into one another.

    "OOOW!" I screamed, rubbing my forehead. Alucard calmly backed away as he heard Integra walk back to my room. He leaned back against the wall in the exact same position as before when she opened the door.

    "Is everything alright Rosettia?" she asked, looking around. I rubbed my head and said, "I'll be fine. I just hit my head on something." Integra looked at me wierd, but shut shrugged her shoulders and closed the door. Alucard didn't move, so I figured that she was still on the other side of the door. As if to prove me right, she opened the door and looked at me.

    "Perhaps we can find some home remedy to cure your ailment. I'll see what I can find." She walked out and shut the door. Alucard strode back over to me as another fit of sneezing came around. I blushed as I felt him nibble my neck, and then quickly gapsed. He bit down, drawing blood... a little too much for my liking. He put his other hand on the other side of my neck. I knew what he was doing, and I didn't like it. I started struggling, but he was too strong. I eventually blacked out...

    Rosettia is asleep in my coffin, and Integra will probably end up killing me, but I knew that Rosettia wouldn't make it. She had pneuomonia and teberculosis (I have no clue if I spelled them right), and that would have surley killed her. I just saved her, and if she hates me for it then it will be her own loss. I saved her, and if she cant forgive me fot that, then I will end her life as she so wishes. however, right now, she's waking up. I need to get everything ready...

    'Umm... ungh... Where am I?" I aslked as I came arounf. I looked around and saw Alucard sitting in a chair not far from the coffin I was currently situated in.... wait, COFFIN!?!?!?! I reached up to my neck and felt nothing. I sighed and thought to myself, perhaps Alucard has just brought me to his room and let me put me in his coffin. I got up but was quickly pushed back down. Alucard grinned and held up a key. it was the key to his room, and I had seen it in Integra's room many of times. I gulped as I quickly realized that he had locked us in the same room. He crushed his lips against mine and pulled me closer to him. He picked me up, carried me to a small bed against the back wall, and threw me down.


    A slight stir coming from the open window in the room stirred me from my sleep. I opened my eyes slowly and blushed as I felt skin against me. I picked myself up and was greeted with a pair of blood-red eyes and a sheepish grin. I smiled and climbed out of bed. I walked over to my dresser, and pulled the skimpy clothes out from the back. I slipped them on as I saw Alucard get up and get dressed. I slipped a dress on over the lacy clothes, putting on a garter belt and choker. I moaned as I felt a hot breath on my neck. He nibbled on my neck, letting only the tip of his front teeth touch it. His fangs grazed my skin, and goosebumps formed on my neck. He pulled away and brushed himself off as I heard Integra wlaking to his room. I laid back down in the coffin, making it look as if I hadn't awoken yet. I heard the door open, and heard Integra's breathing.

    "Is she awake yet?" she asked, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. He shook his head no andd glanced over at me. I began stirring, as if I only just woke up. i opened my eyes back up and saw Integra turn and look at me.

    "Are you feeling any better?" she asked, obviously knowing the mischief Alucard had commited. I wasn't surprised; it was hard not to tell when Alucard had done something that would have otherwise been considered stupid and arrogant I glanced up to see Alucard flashing that same toothy grin, acting as if I'd been asleep the whole time as, as I was sure he'd told her. I sat up, and looked around, as i did when i first woke up. i stood up, but quickly sat back down. I looked up and realized that Alucard had told INtegra of our relatonship by the look in his eyes. I sighed and leaned back down, falling asleep.