• The Reality Fantasy Series
    Book One
    The beginning of Real

    Chapter 1
    The Fight

    The "real" rumor hasn't been so good for Casey Rich. She was one of those girls that didn't have the glamour looks like Chelsea Cambridge, the most popular girl at Everdale High School. Why can't I just be myself? Casey thought. Chelsea's boyfriend, Carlson Bridgeson is one heck of a guy. A 6'9 jock and the captain of the Everdale lion’s football team. Casey has always had a crush on him, ever since her freshman year. Now that she's a senior in high school, she still doesn't know what to do. What should I do? What can I do? What if I- Someone bump into Casey stopping her flooding thoughts and questions. "Excuse me, but could you please move out of my way?" It was Chelsea Cambridge. Beautiful and tall, she was one of those perky and petite girls that had to be popular in school. One word could describe her the most: Conceited. "No. I'm not moving." Casey retarded back. Chelsea looks horrified! No one's ever talk back to her! "And if you got something to say about, why don't you say if now!?" Casey said furiously. Chelsea answers by slapping Casey. Blood rose from where the slap had left its mark, Casey thought of nothing else, but beating the crap out of this petite and conceited girl. Reacting as quick as she always does, Casey returned the favor, but slapping her back only this time, it became worst as, Chelsea and herself began fighting by the hallway locker area. Chelsea pulling at Casey hair and Casey retaliating by punching Chelsea in the face. Chelsea retaliated back by giving Casey a weak punch. Casey then spears Chelsea to the floor as every student in the hall crowded around to watch the girls go at it. "What the heck is going on here?" A loud booming voice yells over the roaring crowd. Carlson Bridgeson push through the crowd to see what was all the commotion. In his face was his girlfriend, Chelsea and her archival, Casey tangling on the floor together. Carlson stood there watching it with his teammates around him. Suddenly, Casey felt the surge to slam Chelsea's head into the lockers. Quick as water and fast as a cat, Casey began to grab Chelsea by the hair and precisely slam her head into the lockers. Chelsea tries to dodge it and do the same to Casey, but Casey was to fast as she began punching Chelsea again. After that attack, Carlson had enough. Carlson rushes over to the scene and began pulling Casey off his girlfriend. As Casey was being pulled away, she was pulling Chelsea with her, as the two girls still went at it with each other. Chelsea gave a Casey a medium punch while Casey delivers the final blow with a knockout punch! As Carlson pulls Casey free from his girlfriend, he proceeds to push her into the crowd, and then run over to his girlfriend Chelsea. He began to laugh. "I thought you told me you could fight. But I guess that was a lie." "No, it wasn't, Carlson. “Chelsea said, pleading.”It was-" "Shut up!" Carlson yelled at her. "Just shut up! You lied! Why can't you just admit it?" "Admit what?" Carlson had to laugh again about how stupid she was sounding. "Admit that you lost to Casey fair and square and that she's not one of those girls who you think you want her to be!" Casey looks over at Carlson as she turns to walk away. She was impress and shell shocked. He's like sticking up for me, instead of Chelsea! Good maybe he'll dump her. Casey thought helplessly. For me. She added to her thought. As she was turning to go with a huge crowd of students following and handing her books and backpack. She thanks them all as she heard Carlson. "That's it! I've had it with your petite useless ways! Were done! You hear me? WE ARE DONE!" And with that, Carlson proceeded to go to class and left a heartbroken Chelsea on the floor crying. Casey couldn't help, but laugh. Serves her right. As she walk to class.

    Chapter 2
    The Pair Project

    Casey enters AP Biology to find some peace and quiet, but what she found was that Mr. Hamberton was giving them a project. The class groan as Mr. Hamberton spoke. "This is not an ordinary project. Oh no, It’s a pair project." Everyone look at the teacher like he was speaking from a different world. "Don't look at me that way, you all heard right! A PAIR PROJECT! You must pair up with a partner, but you don't choose your partner." The class was relief, but not for long. "This hat chooses your partner." Showing the class a black, pointy old fashioned hat. "I think I'll let the boys choose this time!" "NO!" The girls shouted. The boys erupted in Cheers and then everyone listened closely. "Each boy will come up and pick a girl's name from the hat. When your name is called by the boy, Girls you will then on proceed to sit next your partner after he has taken his seat. Easy from there?" They nodded. "Good, let's get started! Lebron Hampton!" A brown boy walks up to the front of the room and draws the first girl to be chosen as his partner. "Ashleigh Stevenson." Lebron said aloud. A pretty brown girl follows Lebron to a desk by him. "See that, class? It’s that easy!" Mr. Hamberton coos in. More names were called and more partners were chosen. But when it was a certain name was call, the class went completely still. "Carlson Bridgeson!" Mr. Hamberton cried out. Carlson walk to the front of the room with his head held high like nothing didn't matter. As Mr. Hamberton shook the hat to swish the names around, Carlson waited patiently until he was finished and stares at his friends in the back. All of them had their partners and their partners were hoping that Carlson chose Casey as his partner. They were shouting the words "Let it be her!" over and over again and looking over a Casey from the corner of their eyes. Casey felt them staring at her as she sat quietly in her seat. She knew she was getting Carlson and his friend’s attention as she sat beautifully in her seat with her head held high and looking towards the front wall. She sighs and waited. When Mr. Hamberton stop swishing the hat around, Carlson reach into it, as the class felt silent again. The girls at the end of their seats while their partners try to hold them back. They waited patiently and intensely to hear the name of his partner. When Carlson took his hand from the hat revealing a fold up paper strip, He slowly opens the paper revealing the name of his partner. He said in highly friendly and impressing voice, "Casey Rich." Casey looks around in confusion. Who the heck just called my name? "Casey!" The girls were calling. "Casey! Get up!" Casey blinks back into earth and saw that the girls were pointing to Carlson Bridgeson. Especially her best friend Catina Rivers, who was pair up with Carlson's best friend, Hakeem Davis. Casey got up and follows Carlson to the back and sat right next to him and Catina. "What in the world is going on here, Tina?" Casey asked in a low whisper. "Girl, you don't know?" She shook her head. "You must've been daydreaming. Every girl was selected by the boys to be their partners. Majority of us, have been chosen... by the jocks!" Catina said, happily. "Anyway, look who I have as a partner." Hakeem Davis was staring at his Varsity jacket and looking like who gives a crap? Catina continued." And now, look who's your partner!" Slowly, Casey turns to see that Carlson Bridgeson was staring at her. His hazel-gold eyes look so mesmerizing to her. And his captain varsity jacket made him look like an angel and a celebrity. Catina squeal behind her and turn to catch her own partner staring at her. Thank goodness, the bell rung for AP trigonometry. Casey zoom out of the classroom and into the crowded hallway as Catina ran after her. "Case! Case! Wait up!" Casey slows down a little for Catina to catch up with her. "Why did you leave the classroom so fast? You know you and Carlson have the same math class?" "I'm aware of that." Casey said, getting irritated. Catina left her alone as she went to her health class. Casey couldn't believe that she has just become Carlson Bridgeson's Biology partner. Carlson, the most popular boy in school and not to leave out the cutest, but why her? She thought of this as she made her way to trig class. When Casey enters trig class, she spotted Carlson Bridgeson with a few of his jockey friends. "Yo, Carl," Darius Mitchell said. "There she is." As Carlson began to turn to find that Casey was sitting only a few seats diagonal from him, he decided to send her a note. He asks Connor Wills to give this to Casey. Connor pass the note to Casey and she look at it like it was a joke. Annoy as ever now, she hastily open the note: Come sit by me, new bio partner. Carlson Bridgeson. Casey sat astonished and more irritated and annoyed as ever. He just recently broken up with Chelsea Cambridge and now he's asking his ex-girlfriend's archrival to sit by him. Second guessing, she wrote back: Seeya in a minute. P.S. Don't annoy me! And she handed back to Connor, who gave it to Carlson. Carlson read and smiled letting his friends read it. Casey went up to Ms. Livingston and told her that she was changing her seat and was now sitting by Carlson Bridgeson. "Okay, he must have broken up with her, huh?" Ms. Livingston said. Casey nodded. "Fine, you can sit there; make it your permanent seat if you want to." Casey thanks her and went to sit in her new seat. As Casey approaches her spot next to Carlson, she notices him staring at her as she walks. Smooth silky legs and a stride, cute walk with a curvy figure. She was so much better looking from the body than Chelsea. And not to forget the face. Big brown- hazel almond shaped eyes, cute pink small lips, a cute small nose, and long curly straight brown hair. Casey looks at him, in annoyance and took her seat next to him, praying that this class end fast, for her next class to begin.