• Episode 01-3
    The Reaper

    Chapter 3 The New Beginning

    tab “Your fight is with me Vampire Lord!” the male tried to yell out as he knelt down on his right knee by the energy pressure. He barely brought his arm up and aimed the cannon at the Vampire Lord, Veries, firing a shot. The huge bullet soar through the pressure filled air as it slowed down rapidly and exploded right before reaching the target.
    tab “You dare challenge me human?” Veries slowly replied and turned around facing the male that was still kneeling down holding the tank cannon.
    tab “Don’t you ever ******** underestimate me Vampire Lord,” the man replied, standing up and the pressure suddenly vanished around him. The tank cannon began to dissolve piece by piece starting from the top as it quickly retracted back down and disappeared entirely.
    tab “Are you a Vampire Reaper also?” Veries inquired.
    tab “I am, however, I am more experienced than that cocky son of a b***h kid you fought earlier. You can call me, Zyne, I’m the kid’s superior,” the man named Zyne replied.
    tab Zyne began running towards the Vampire Lord as the once heavy rain that was pouring down on them was still being kept frozen in time. While running, he stretched out his right arm and something underneath his sleeves of his coat began to have a shiny bright glow. It then started building a metal object piece by piece almost instantaneously and revealed to be a much larger form of a handgun with a longer barrel. Zyne gripped the weapon in the middle of self-assembling and brought the gun in front of him aiming it at the Vampire Lord.
    tab He started firing short burst of rapid fire that failed to penetrate the Vampire Lord’s pressured energy that was constantly surrounding him. Veries suddenly became transparent as he floated towards Zyne and lifted one of his arms from underneath his robe. A short burst of pressured energy suddenly collided into Zyne as it sent him flying back through the alley and into the city streets.
    :********, so this is the strength of a Vampire Lord,” Zyne muttered as he stood up with his wrist and his handguns began glowing with each other.
    tab “I am going to enjoy killing you, Vampire Reaper,” the Vampire Lord appeared with his body fading in and out of view.
    tab As Zyne and the Vampire Lord charged into a climatic battle, the area around Yiyin and the male suddenly lifted as the Vampire Lord got further away. She was about to pick the hooded male up but she saw the cross-shaped weapons not too far from her and went to collect them as they might come in handy. She went back to the male and put one of his arms over his shoulder and held it with her hand while she wrap her other arm around his body. With him secured by her side, she started running through the alley to retreat back to the base as fast as she could in the current situation.
    tab At the end of the alleyway, she saw Zyne and the Vampire Lord going against each other with Zyne trying to stay back and fire his signature handgun. She exited the alley but soon came to a sudden stop as she was now surrounded by human turned into mindless vamplings. She swore heavily under her breathe as she looked at every possible direction and watched helplessly as the zombie-like human vamplings walked towards her.
    tab “Damn ******** vampires,” Yiyin swore,” Like human size cockroaches.”
    tab “The reinforcement has arrived,” a deep male voice said in Yiyin’s communicator that was securely placed in her ear.
    tab About half a male up the street, a tall muscular built male was standing wearing a baggy green camouflage pants, military boots and a ripped green camouflage vest. He had short brown hair, a nasty looking expression and a burning fat cigar at the side of his mouth. A large metal panel was attached on his back with extensions coming out of it and went along both of his arms to all the way around his hands. He stretched both of his arms toward the street where the vamplings infested the street and noticed that the two that were fighting had left the street.
    tab He gave a nasty smirk as he flexed his muscles and the panel along with the extensions began to glow a similar color to the two Vampire Reapers’ weapons and wrists. Near the metal panel and the extension were pieces of metal beginning to materialize and assembled on its own into an oversize projectile weapon on each arm. Once assembled was completed, he was now holding two enormous cannons and a huge pack on his back that fueled the cannons with power.
    tab “Miss Yiyin, you better duck if I was you,” the newcomer’s deep voice echoed bluntly spoke into the communicator. Without hesitation, he tightly pressed the pressure-sensitive trigger as both cannons automatically began to charge up and fire a huge stream of pure energy.
    tab The stream of energy took the whole length of the street and traveled all the way down to the human vamplings; instantly turning him into nothing but dust. Yiyin quickly dropped down with the hooded male as the energy stream violently passed overhead with no remorse. The ground near the newcomer began to crack and submerge by the intensity of the blast and force of the release. He released the trigger and the energy stream died out immediately and left a short trail in front of him of molted rock.
    tab The two blast cannons quickly began to dissemble and breaking down into smaller pieces until there was nothing left but the extensions and the metal panel. Yiyin slowly uncovered herself, lifting her head and looked around seeing that every single human vampling had been turned into dust around them. She stood up and saw the male had already reached them and was picking up the hooded male; placing the body over his shoulder.
    tab “Thank you Drogan,” Yiyin quietly said.
    tab “Your welcome little miss,” Drogan grinned, holding the young male on his shoulder.
    tab “Take him to base on the double while I go check up on Zyne.”
    tab “Negative little miss, I’m taking you with me by Zyne’s earlier instructions. He can handle that monster on his own. We are not going to risk another wounded soldier on the battlefield.”
    tab “I guess you’re right. Let us head back to base before we get another ambushed by those vamplings!”
    tab Several streets away, Zyne and the Vampire Lord were battling against each other while Zyne still was having trouble getting pass Veries’ barrier. While Zyne was running around in circles, Veries quickly flicked one of his arm and fired an unknown energy force towards Zyne. The force impacted the human and launched him back through air like a bullet, crashing into a nearby building. Seconds later, he calmly walked out of the building through the way he came in and revealed blood was trailing down one side of his face.
    tab Pressure suddenly engulfed the area and blurred the surrounding environments, twisting reality itself. Zyne narrowed his eyes to a more piercing glace as the pressure was coming from him instead of the Vampire Lord, whom just stood still in amusement. Zyne suddenly vanished and appears directly in front of the Vampire lord; pushing the barrel of the gun against Veries’ chest. Veries didn’t have time to react as Zyne held down the pressure sensitive trigger and unleashed a rapid volley of bullets straight into the vampire’s chest. The force of the bullets pushed Veries back across the street until Zyne stopped firing his handgun.
    tab “I have to admit that I am surprised that you overcame my barrier and being able to hit me which such primitive weapon. However, knowing now that Vampire Reapers are indeed worthy of my power then I have to see you as a threat and eliminate you all.” The wound that Zyne inflected on the Vampire Lord began to heal up almost instantly. “It takes more then that to kill me and wounding me was something that could never happen again.” A single bullet suddenly pierced the Vampire Lord’s forehead which caught him off guard and forced his head to be tilted back. The surprised attack caused the rain to return to normal and started pouring heavily down on them.
    tab “You were saying about it never happening again?” Zyne spoke in a serious tone with his handgun giving off smoke in the rain.
    tab Veries began laughing hysterically and titled his head back down with the hole in his forehead began to close immediately. “You just dealt away your life early Vampire Reaper!”
    tab The pressure from Zyne suddenly disappeared as the Vampire Lord rushed forward and swung his arm from underneath his robe. Zyne surprisingly dodged the sudden attack and countered with his handgun against the Vampire Lord’s body at point blank. The Vampire Reaper fired his handgun but Veries moved quick enough to only let several bullets tear through his robes. As the bullets ripped through Veries’ robes, he immediately shed it off and used it to block’s sight momentary.
    tab The Vampire Lord came through the robe and tried to swing a fist at Zyne but the fist narrowly missed as Zyne dodged the surprised attack. With the robe gone, Veries appeared to be wearing a glittery red tuxedo neatly worn with gold and black lining with a solid black tie. The Vampire lord now started stringing together combos of punches and kicks in a fluent motion that got Zyne on his guard; trying to block and dodge the attacks. Soon, Zyne tried to match attack by attack with his one free hand and his legs while he used his handgun every time an opening appeared.
    tab Zyne thrust his right arm out that was holding his handgun and fried another torrent of bullets that the Vampire Lord easily moved out of the way. Veries countered with a high round house kick but Zyne quickly ducked under the leg before it was able to reach him. As Zyne came up, Veries had used his other leg to do a back thrust kick that Zyne barely spun around the attack; narrowly missing him.
    tab When Zyne came to a stop, he had his right arm out and his handgun pointblank against the Vampire Lord’s forehead. As soon he pressed the trigger, Veries quickly moved out of the way and countered with a straight punch into the Vampire Reaper’s face. The punch forced Zyne to stagger toward the side as Veries kept the advantage and started Zyne in the face, chest and stomach area including the ribs.
    tab Veries did a strong jab that knocked Zyne back several feet and caused him to fall down on one knee feeling dazed. The Vampire Lord walked up to his beaten advisory arching his right arm back and then swinging it at Zyne with full strength. Zyne immediately narrowed his eyes as he yelled and used his left arm to grab Veries’ arm that was coming at him. He cringed his teeth as he got up and yanked Veries closer to him while he jabbed his handgun into the Vampire Lord’s body.
    tab Zyne yelled at the top of his lungs while he held onto Veries with all of his might and started firing his handguns straight into him. The handgun rattled noisily as it violently discharged bullets in a rapid continuous barrage that immediately tore through the Vampire Lord’s body and coming out the other side. Veries roared in anger by the bullets tearing through his body and caused the pressure to come back while he tried to break free of the hold.
    tab Zyne let go of the Vampire Lord and pushed him as his handgun immediately started to dissembled and break down piece by piece in a split second. With both of his hands free, he continued to yell as loud as he could as he then rushed forward and started punching Veries. Eventually, Veries started recovering instinctively from earlier assault and was capable of blocking and dodging the oncoming attacks. However, Zyne continued to push himself as he used his arms to violently push the counter attacks to the side and countered with his own.
    tab The Vampire Reaper kept up his attacks until he spun around and did a strong fierce roundhouse kick that pushed Veries back into a wall of a skyscraper. As soon Zyne recovered from his attack, he raised both of his arms up and both of his wrists began tog low brightly in a white color. Metal quickly started to materialize and assembled piece by piece in one quick motion as he now wields two cannons which looked modified than he had before.
    tab “Your reign of terror and immortality ends here Vampire Lord! We will take back our world by force for I am the Vampire Reaper!” Zyne yelled out one final time as he lowered his arms and pointed both cannons toward the slowly recovering Vampire Lord.
    tab “You will never take back your planet, human. This is our world now,” Veries whispered and began to laugh frantically.
    tab “As long humans keep on living it is our basic instinct to survive and take back what is ours. Till every last breath has been taken, we will keep on fighting and coming until we take back what is rightfully ours!”
    tab “Humans had lost this battle. An extinct species can never rule this world!
    tab “I guess we have to kill every single last one of you then!” Zyne smirked as he pressed tightly against the trigger and fired his cannons toward the Vampire Lord. The twin blasts disintegrated the Vampire Lord in an instant as it traveled through the building and across the city. Once Zyne released his fingers from the triggers, the entire trail of the blast suddenly exploded vertically and then traveled outward, covering the entire city in hellfire. Zyne stood still in the middle of the burning hellstorm, and slowly disappeared in the explosion with his twin cannons dissembling and falling apart.

    Episode 02-1
    The New World

    Chapter 4: Confinement