• It seems we were fated to meet, Tsukasa Ryuugai writes down on here paper as he walks in. She fold up the paper into a crane as he sits down behind her, as she expected. Minutes later, she whispers to him,"I am Tsukasa Ryuugai," and she tilts her head for added effect. Now that I have Minoru's attention, I can do what I need to do, Ryuugai thinks, and hears him say his name as Minoru Izuki.
    Before Trig ends, she kicks him in the shin to get his attention, and drops a paper telling him to meet her outside the back of school. He picked this up and read it as quickly as he could, and class ended thereafter. Getting up, she notices him trying to concentrate, and smiles at him coyly. He gets up after Tsukasa leaves the room, and walks down the outside of school. Seeing her, Minoru walks quickly over to the tree she is standing by.
    As Izuki walks over, Ryuugai recites the spell To Bind,"Earth and Sun, grant me power; he will stop to move within the hour." When Minoru gets over there, she whispers,"The sunset it never this beautiful, it seems to have waited for us."
    "Yeah," Izuki breathes, knowing nothing of what Tsukasa was about to do. Silently, Ryuugai walks to him and kisses him on his cheek, the binding spell traveling through them. Noticing his own power, Ryuugai opens her eyes wide open, knowing what will happen if she stayed them shut.