• I pushed a lock of my white hair away from my face. I stared at him in pure shock now why had he shown me the running wolf? None of this made sense.
    “Trust me?” he asked again. I shook my head and closed my eyes. At 12 years old I didn’t know who to trust anymore. He offered his hand again. “Please trust me?” I shook my head no again.
    “I’m not being let down again Jack not by you or anyone.” I closed my eyes again.
    He sighed
    “Ok Janet don’t, but you’re going to need to trust someone someday.” He said I opened my eyes and he was at the door getting his jacket on.
    “You are coming to go pick up my sister? Oh and can you try to keep this to yourself I don’t have time to sort things like that out?” he asked me I nodded and walked towards the door. He opened the door and a chilly breeze came in. Why was it so cold in the fall? I know the answer but why did it have to be cold? I held my arms because they had goose bumps. I walked through the door and onto the little stone path to the gate. I heard the door close and Jack appeared next to me.
    “Her bus stops right over there.” He said pointing to the eastward direction. I looked over there and I could here a few cars zooming by. If I listened hard enough I could hear comforting chirp of the birds. It was nice to be outside. I nodded in acknowledgement to his words. Why was he always so calm? That was the only question about him that I had. But I wasn’t about to ask. In fact I doubt I ever will ask. We neared a small street filled with walking people and dogs. I thought I even saw a pig; it wasn’t a bit strange to see one. But it shocked me when the pig was being walked with a harness and the owner was casually flicking its tail. Yeah a tail it was a cat that was walking a pot belly pig. I blinked twice to clear my eyes. What was going on?
    “Umm there’s a cat walking a pig over there Jack.” I said a bit uncertainly. And then I noticed that the cat was wearing a harness too and a human was walking the cat that was walking the pig. Jack laughed at my comment. And he pushed me across the road towards the pig, cat, and human.
    “Hello, Mrs. Batan, Crowley, Barley.” Jack said friendly like.
    “Hello Jack and whoo are you?” she asked her who sounded like an owls hoot and I should know.
    “This is Janet she’s a friend from another village.” Jack said smoothly. The cat mewed and the pig snorted. The cats mew sounded a lot like Hello. Not like on you tube where it says ewo but an indistinct hello. The pig snorted again. Mrs. Batan was wearing a blue blouse and a long purple skirt that didn’t match at all. And some yellow walking shoes.
    “I best be getting along home now Jack. So toddleoo Jack and Janet.” Again her o sounded like she was an owl. I waved as she passed by her face smiling wide. We waited for the bus and a few minutes later a yellow bus came rolling down the hill. Its engine revving through the road, and its steam was warm on Janet’s face the bus came to a halt around three yards away from her and Jack. The noise inside the bus was contained until the doors opened. Four kids got off on the sidewalk I only saw two of them though. A small blonde headed boy who had a blue t-shirt with three colored stripes yellow red and green walked down. A girl with the exact same jet black hair as Jack walked down and laughed jumping into Jack’s arm’s.
    “Jake!” She screamed happily
    “Emily?” he whispered in her ear.
    “Yes.” She whispered back. I smiled at their weird ways. He jerked his head towards me and she hugged my waist. I patted her head and smiled wider. She couldn’t have been more than 7 probably 6. She looked up at me with big round blue eyes. Then she smiled with rows of teeth showing. I smiled back and she let go.
    “What’s your name, I’m Emily?” she asked me still smiling.
    “I’m Janet.” I said. She was a cute little girl that loved to smile.
    “Race ya’ both!” She yelled after the bus had left the road. She dashed off faster than I would have thought she could go. Jack didn’t bother to run, knowing she probably was in the house by now, and neither did I. Jack laughed and shook his head looking down.
    “She’s a bundle of energy. I’ll tell you that.” He said, I laughed at that comment because that she was. We crossed the road and made our way back to the cabin like house. The first thing we heard from Emily was.
    “Jack, Janet come find me!” She was upstairs for sure. Jack threw his coat in the closet instead of hanging it up.
    “Ready or not here we come!” Jack bellowed. I was already up the stairs. I heard someone giggle in the door to my right. I opened it to find a completely empty closet nothing was in there at all. I swore I heard a giggle in that door. Downstairs Jack opened the closet door.
    “Aha I got you Emily!” he yelled. He got down on his knees and tickled her.
    “Janet save me!” she yelled between giggles even that wasn’t enough she had stopped in between her words too. I grabbed Emily and put her over my shoulder. She was very light so I ran up the stairs away from Jack and ran into a room across the hall. I didn’t close the door all the way. Jack came up the stairs. Stomping on every step to make it seem like he was a monster. Emily almost giggled again. Emily started crawling toward the closet. This room was also empty. She motioned for me to follow and I did. She pushed a piece of unpainted drywall down and crawled through. It looked big enough for me to fit into but definitely not Jack. I followed her through. I gasped quietly and Emily pulled a handle on the door so it came up and closed. We heard Jack fiddling around in the room and Emily stood up and ran to a place where if he opened the door and stuck his head through he’d see no one. I followed on the other side. Still in awe from the beautifully painted room, I heard a thud as the door opened and Jack’s head popped through. I smiled and looked at Emily. He pulled his head back and left the room. Emily led me out and we sat in a corner until he came back. I waved to him when he found us. Emily just giggled.
    “Emily did you show her the hideout?” he asked smiling at her trick. She nodded up and down. I just smiled and ran out the door of the empty room. I had completely forgotten about the trust.