• “Emma. What did destra mano mean?”
    “Right Hand.” I pulled her up from the floor and we stood we hugged, “Thank you Emma.”
    “No…I was about to say no problem but never mind Im your blood buddy.”…

    I hugged her, “You are more then my blood buddy, you’re my sister.”
    “I know.” We laughed, and I walked to the closet. I kicked the table out of the way and Damon came behind me and was ready to throw more punches if necessary. I opened the door to see my father lying on the floor arms sprawled against the wall. There were cans surrounding him and a box of cereal in his lap. Damon came in front of me and picked him up under the arms. He dragged him out and on the floor were Emma was standing. I sat down and put his head in my lap. My painted nails stroked his hair from his face. His face showing his age of thirty-three. There was a five o’ clock shadow on his face, his eyes shut as if he was sleeping. I brushed the hair away from his forehead, his perfect face that would never change. I bent over and kissed his forehead. He twitched but didn’t wake up, I looked at Emma. She picked up the book she had used to save us, she flipped through a couple pages til her forehead creased ever so slightly. She looked at me and came and knelt down by my father. She handed me the book and the page read:
    ‘بعد أن استولت على اتخاذ علامة ankh على جبهته والصحافة وجميع well.If لا يكون العمل الذي اخترته تتخذ المساعدة ودفع يخيف من ankh معا ونسأل على إلهة 'إلهة يرجى الخاص بك يساعدنا على تحديد دمر خططنا ل هذا الخالد يرجى مرة أخرى وتحديد ما قد كسرت 'إلهة ستأتي ورعاية رجل / امرأة ويعطيك تعليمات..’

    “Um not to sound stupid but…I have no idea what this says.” I looked at Emma and she sighed.
    “Sorry I forgot you don’t know Arabic, it says ‘After being taken over take the sign of ankh and press to forehead and all shall be well. If not to work take your chosen helper and push scares of ankh together and ask upon the goddess 'goddess please help us your spell has ruined our plans for this immortal...please come again and fix what you have broken' a goddess will come and take care of the man/woman and give you instructions.’”
    “Okay.” I turned over my wrist were there was a tattoo looking figure. I really wanted this removed. I put the weird looking tattoo on his forehead and a grayish light came from under my wrist. I looked up panicked at Damon. Damon could read that in my eyes he tried to be reserved about his emotions but I could see a glimmer of worry in his eyes. I wanted this all to be a nightmare, one of those nightmares you had when you were a little kid. And you could pretend this was just a dream. Or a thing I could say was all in my imagination. Almost everyone else could just go on thinking all this was a silly or scary story. But in my life I couldn’t do that. Once the light resumed my wrist burned I screamed in agony and fell over. Damon was there at my side while Emma restricted my father from getting up. I screamed louder as the pain coursed through my body.
    I wasn’t prepared for this, “Shhh. Jayne its okay. Shhh calm down sweetie.” Damon was trying to soothe me. The fire like burning stopped abruptly. I started to shake and Damon restricted me in his arms. In circling me to keep me from going insane maybe. All I know was my eyes were shut and I didn’t want to move again. When I heard Emma approach me, “Jayne, it gets easier…trust me. There is away you can…endure it.” After I controlled my shaking I opened my eyes. Damon was looking at me frightened, Emma was casual, and my father looked apologetic. I stood up and looked at the tattoo like thing. It was red around the edges but it started to look like a vein, “Emma…why did I get burned?”
    “It’s the power healing the immortal. Since your father was basically beat up by you, possessed, and thrown into a closet all the pain must have made him basically go into a comma like thing. The traditional word is الفاصلة. That will happen every time you heal an immortal with the power of ankh in your wrist.”
    I looked at my arm and saw the scar in my palm, “Ugh, can I get rid of this scar in my palm? How does the pain get easier?” I felt Damon tighten his grip on me.
    “The scar will fade tonight and you get use to it every time.”
    “Great.” I looked at my father who looked solemn, “Are you okay?”
    He cleared his throat, “Yes, I’m sorry everyone.”
    I walked over to him and hugged him, “You need to leave town, I don’t want another outbrake.”
    I stood back and behind me stood Emma and Damon. My father looked at us and nodded, “Je sais que vous tous bien. Je t'aime. Good bye et être en sécurité. Vous avez besoin de rafraîchir sur votre français, car bientôt vous rencontrer quelque chose ... Emma sait quand. La paix soit avec vous all.e soit avec vous.”
    “Whats with all the second langue! Speak English!”
    Emma turned to me, “He said, ‘I know you all will be fine .I love you. Good bye and be safe. You need to brush up on your French because soon you will encounter something...Emma will know when. Peace be with you all.’” She looked at my father, “You’re wrong you know… we wont be I already know that nothing is going to happen with the French. You no longer can know what will be happening.”
    “Huh?” Was all I could say.
    Emma let out an exaggerated sigh, “You’re father was the one who knew what was best for you since he was your protect…but since I was the one who cut the ankh into my palm and blended my blood with you I now know what is good for you.”
    “Oh…that’s weird.” Emma nodded and my father sighed and walked out of the house and out of my life for now…