• sorry if you don't like the way the story is written. Just focus on the main topic.

    Jenny, Amy, and Daniela are people who seem like normal relatives. What they really are. Jenny and Amy are sisters who live in Vermont. Daniela is their cousin from South Carolina. Jenny Amy and Daniela hadn't seen eachother since Christmas so Daniela's mom and dad invited Jenny and Amy to sleepover. They were pysched. As a gift, Daniela's parents decided to buy Jenny and Amy presents. Once the two of them arrived, the parents left. The three girls were in the middle of a pillow fight... when the phone rang. Daniela answered "Hello." She recognized the voice on the other end when he said, "Hey Daniela it's Steve your dad's friend," she cut him off "Sorry Steve, Dad isn't home right now." He paused, "I know," he hesitated a while longer. "You know how I'm a police officer right?" "Yes."
    "Well, the store that your parents went to, there was a robbery there. I rushed there to check things out, and as I walked in, I saw the guy shooting your mother, your father lying dead next to her." Daniela's throat swell up. Was this a nightmare? Could this really be happening to her? She hung up the phone and called her aunt and uncle and explained the situation. They took the next flight to South Carolina. They took all three of them to their house. And then, there was the first day of high school.

    During brake Daniela climbed up to the roof. She decided that jumping off, would help her get to her goal she called it the traingle of revenge. You see, she considered it her cousins fault for her parent's death. If they hadn't come to visit, they wouldn't have gone to that store to get them gifts. She would fall to her death, and see what happens after that. She took one step and that was all it took. The next morning, the school found her body... dead.

    When Amy and Jenny found out they were devestated. They each went to the bathroom to wash the tears off their face. They heard giggles. They turned around... nobody was behind them. They checked to see the feet in each stall. Nobody in there either. then they realized that there was writing on the wall. "I'll get you!" It read. They turned away towards the door and ran into the hall with the mirror. They were too scared of whatever lurked in the bathroom to check in the bathrrom mirror. Amy looked, she looked fine. Amy looked but didn't see her. She saw Daniela. She looked in awe at Daniela's bautiful skin and white dress. She admired Daniela's light blonde hair. And eyed the face. She didn't see the smirk in the mirror until all her focus was on it. Daniela's eyes had no color whatsoever... exept black. Black blacker than diamonds of sorts. Her nose scrunched up evily. Suddenly, Daniela flew out of the mirror. Jenny and Amy tried to scream but Daniela had her two arms tied too securely around their necks. And she just held them there... until she couldn't hear their breath anymore.