• In my room I was ripped out of my dream by a piercing scream like someone just put a microphone to an immense speaker. The scream blared on startling the cat. I rushed into Maxi’s room seeing a blur of black rush out the window. There was busted glass on the floor and wet grimy leaves swirled around the room. “My neck,” Maxi shrieked. “My neck stings!” I looked to see her neck the red marks on her neck started slowly fading away. I looked at the window and saw were the “Thing” escaped. All that was left was a shred of leather like the leather on someone’s jacket but whose? Then I shut the screen door to the window
    The next day Maxi was terribly sick. Her skin was pale she was running a fever. She never looked that bad. “You go to school Daniel I can take care of myself,” mumbled Maxi. “All right, see you later then” With that I ruffled her russet hair and set out to school.
    The day was depressing thunder clouds hovered over Crescent City and only one thing could make it more depressing high school. High school dragged on like normal English first calculus and so on and so forth. But In history was it different. Something seemed different about Drake. I looked at his pale face nothing wrong. I looked him for a while then my attention dropped to the right corner of his normally nice black leather jacket. It was ripped. His pale blue eyes slowly focused their attention on me; they looked angry and also were filled with fear. The bell rang and he dashed out of the room.
    I leaped into my rusty car after school and sped to Drake’s house. Drake was perfect in almost every way but not his house it was run down with cracked paint and a splintered porch. It began to drizzle, As I pulled up to the curb I got out of my car. Lightning flared out of the sea of clouds. I stomped up to his door and pounded on it. “Drake, “I roared “Open up!!”Thunder bellowed its mighty song across Crescent City. No one answered
    Fine, I thought to myself I’ll just ask Jack about it. I shouldn’t have thought that otherwise it wouldn’t have been so different for the rest of my life.
    I drove home when I suddenly remembered about Maxi she was still in bed sound asleep but looked better. The only thing different she was even paler. I called Jack.
    “Danny California,” Jack’s voice sounded. I hated when he called me that. “Jimmy, you know almost everything that goes on. So what’s up with Drake,” I angrily muttered into the cheap cell phone my parents gave me. There was a pause and suddenly his usual bright happy voice was dark and angry. “That loser… I HATE HIS GUTS!” His voice sounded like a coyote growling “Just come to my house…,” That was all he said.
    As I pulled up to his fractured drive I saw no lights on. I came to his door and right before I could reach for the doorbell, the door was ripped open and a monstrous thing with jaws wide open and nipped me in the finger. I toppled down the patio stairs and blacked out. When I woke up Jerry was driving my car and I was in the back seat.
    “Jack,” I mumbled “You want to know the truth about Drake,” Jimmy whispered I nodded. “He’s a vampire and I’m a werewolf and so are you…” What how could that be I thought to myself vampires and werewolves aren’t real. Then Jack’s voice came into my thoughts in my thoughts Need any more proof. What this is impossible I looked out the window my vision started to change, things seemed clearer far away. I looked to my hands and they started changing fur started consuming my skin on my hands. My jaw felt like it was being stretched I looked at Jack he was a beast too. I saw whose house we pulled into, Drakes. All of the sudden I felt a drastic need for revenge. Anger boiled up inside of me. Maxi was going to be to be a vampire or perhaps she already was.
    “Drake come out or die,” Jack roared. No one answered “All right then” and we broke down the door easily. When inside we saw that Maxi was there waiting for Drake. “All right Maxi lets go hunti…,” Drake said as we walked in Maxi stared at me frozen with fear. Jimmy charged at drake and drake quickly avoided and then charged towards Jimmy struck him with his immense force. Then they charged at each other and started towards each other. I was about to charge at Drake but Maxi held me back. “I know it’s you Dan,” she whispered. I felt myself changing back. “It’s their battle. I... wanted to tell you but I couldn’t… I” “It’s ok” I said.
    I watched them battle on. I felt like I should help them but I knew I couldn’t. They charged towards each other again but this time Drake crashed into the wall and spiraled out side. Jack leapt words him but I changed into the werewolf and bashed Jack out of the way from landing on Drake. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Jack’s voice boomed into my head. You can’t do this, I thought back. Out of midair I smashed him to the ground.
    He hit the cement and created a crater. He rose furiously and smashed the derbies out of the way and charged towards me. He smashed me into the hole in the wall. Maxi got up and caught me. I slowly turned into human again. “Why did he bite you anyways,” I said weakly.” She looked at me with cheerless eyes and whispered, “He was lonely. He didn’t have any friends that he couldn’t hurt. I went to him because he was lonely and he asked me to become a vampire. I didn’t believe it at first but, soon he showed me his powers. I said ‘I will become one’. The only time I could be turned into one with out arousing suspicion was the night when I screamed. I’m sorry that I haven’t told you…”
    “I told you its okay.” Maxi gave a little smile and it vanished as soon as there was a giant boom. The floor started cracking and the tile floor finally gave in. There was dust everywhere when it cleared up Maxi and I saw them battling in the cellar. “Stop,” Maxi cried and tried to break apart the fight when she did she had no chance and they flung her into the old shelter cellar. I screamed out “MAXI!!” and chased her after her into the cellar dust and bricks were covering the floor “MAXI,” I screamed again “I’m… over here and I took her hand and pulled her up.
    Another boom mightier than thunder crashed through the basement. By now the room was I ruins with dust and derbies covering the floor the walls were about to give in and the ceiling started to sag. The ceiling supports started to fall and the whole house literally collapsed.
    In the middle of the rubble were Jack and Drake swiping punches and slashes each blocking them and avoiding them.
    “I have an idea Maxi”
    “Just charge when I howl”
    I howled and she charged towards the fight and I jumped towards them and landed on Jack and Maxi smashed Drake out of the way Jack whacked me off of him. He looked at me and thought to me, you’re going to waste your chance to take over the city!! What? I thought back. Now I know why he wanted to get Drake out because Drake was protecting the city from Jack. I went towards Jimmy and tackled him towards Drake and Maxi smacked him into the remains of the house he landed into the last remaining wall and crashed through it into the buried earth. Drake franticly looked through his pockets and found a small bottle and sprinted towards Jack. He held Jack to the wall uncorked the bottle and yelled “EAT SILVER!” and he plugged Jack’s nose and jack swallowed the silver and Drake let go. “No,” Jack choked out then he fell to the floor. That was the last we ever heard from Jack.