• tap tap tap
    Red converse was hitting the stool. Maria was smiling over at the boys her age. They were mostly working on the new well. Her small smile caught one of their eyes. Noah looked up to see her black eyes glaring at him. He waved while mud from his glove flew down onto his shirt. Maria laughed. He laughed too. She than got off the stool and put her hand out waiting for somebody to come take it. Noah walked over and did the honor.

    They walked together to her garage. She put on some old music and looked up at Noah.

    "Folk music much? Here, let's dance," Noah said quietly. His brown eyes were charming with his black black hair. Maria looked surprised.

    "Dance? Good luck with that," She said. He looked curious. Maria sighed. "I can't dance."

    "Here follow my lead," he said. He took her hands and led the way. They danced so happily with the sound of pouring rain outside the garage. After a twirl, he took her in close. Their eyes met and Maria smiled. They brought their faces up close and Maria run her fingers through his hair. He kissed her. It was perfect.

    Maria thought back to that day. Her face crumpled and she began to cry again. "I don't know why he would .... how could he ? Ughh !" She cried so much. Her mother ran up to her daughters room.

    "Honey, he would only dump you because he's stupid and dumb. Any boy would want you Maria," Her mother said and hugged her around the shoulder. "Something I need to tell you though, apparently there was a girl killed not far from here... well they found the body in a creek and it just scares me. The body wasn't found far from here and it's said it looks kinda like she had been stabbed about 3 times. New rules. No going outside the house with out anybody else and I want you to keep this," Her mother said. She handed her a pocket knife. "Keep this in case you need to protect yourself." Maria looked up, shocked.

    "There's a killer around?" Her mother nodded. Maria sighed. She never expected this.