• Christina Obalone - Main character of the story.
    -Originally spelled her name Christnia
    -16 yrs old
    -Partner is Michael Chanes
    - One of name she once had was Christina Jackson
    Michael Chanes- Another important character.
    -Still don't know much about him.
    John Rowan and Elizabeth Rowan- Friends of Christina's

    Real Family
    *Tom-Her father
    Amelia-Her mother
    Aggie-Younger sister
    Sophie-Younger sister
    Ashley-Tim's wife
    Bridgete-Carl's wife
    Danielle-Marks wife
    Sarah-Charlie's wife

    *I messed up by switching around their names

    Fake family
    Angela- Her 'mother'
    Steve- Her 'father'
    Erin and Serena- Twin 'sisters

    New people
    George and MIna- Unknown, mysterious

    ****Stuff that might be in the future chapters.
    The zombie elevator dude
    George Mina
    Her old family
    Some made up famous people
    and more