Erika Asheley Dillard


    In this book “IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE” there is a girl named Erika Asheley. She is the LEAST NOT popular girl in the school. Plainly no one likes her, except her friends!!!!!!! Well she doesn’t know that she has a brother. Until some STRANGE things begin in her town!!

    Chapter one: school

    The morning started out the same. Getting yelled at to get out of bed. Going to the bathroom, picking out breakfast{something quick and easy}, going to my bedroom and getting dressed, but today I was actually excited about going to school for some reason!
    I had to wander {was there a field trip today or a
    Pep rally, was there cheerleading try-outs today? I don’t know. But there was something going to happen…I NEVER get excited about school, but I knew there was something…I could feel it.}

    Well…finally I had got to school. I put the things that I didn’t need in my locker. And I got the things that I did need for science and social studies. There was nothing different or akward, everything was the same in my book.
    The school news didn’t broadcast this morning, so they or the principal made annocements over the intercom. Maybe the TV wasn’t working…it happens sometimes. No biggy… right?

    Everything was the way it usually is. Until lunch! There I was getting my tray as usual, sat at my normal place {beside my best friend Sarah Crowley, and Brie Smith, across from Lori Bracket, and diagonal from Diana Laprez!}
    “Did you see that new show?” Sarah asked “I don’t think so, what was it about?” I replied. “Are you talking about the new icarly?” said Diana “Yeah! I am!” Sarah replied with excitement. “There you are Lori! Where were you? I called you last night and your mom said that you were on a DATE!” “You were on a date?!?!?!” I said with questioning excitement! “Give us every detail!” Brie demanded “Alright, alright! He took me to Val Verde’s Italian restaurant!
    It was ssssssssssooooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!”
    Lori said “Wow” Diana said with various sounds of excitement. I got bored with the news; this is her FIFTH boy-friend this year. So I don’t really care. All it does is make me mad!
    “I’ll see yall in class.” I said with a depressing and non-excited tone. All I heard while I was leaving is “What’s wrong with her?” Which Sarah and Brie said. I put my tray in the slot where trays go and I put my fork in the silver wear shoot. As I was leaving I saw a boy walking sooo gracefully into the cafeteria. He must be new because I have NEVER seen him before. He looked like he was an angle from heaven above. Perfect, beautiful, unnatural, unhuman! “Sarah” I said “Who is he? Do you know who he is?” I asked “No! I do not.” Sarah replied “Then who is he?” Brie asked again. “I’m not sure but he looks a little like Erika!” Lori replied back. “He does?” We all said with a questioning tone to what Lori had said. “He does!” “Yeah…he does!” “Brie I already said that.” “Sorry Sarah, but he really does look like Erika!” “Hey guys! I’m still here!” “Oh, sorry Erika.” They all replied back in an apologetic tone. “Yeah…he really does look a little like me.” I agreed.
    As I left I acidity bumped into the new student. He smiled a crooked smile and said “Oh I’m sorry.”
    ”No it’s my fault. I’m sorry.” I blushed as I replied back. “You’re new aren’t you?” “Uh…yes.” He said.
    “I’m Erika Asheley! And may I ask who you are?” I said in a happy joyful voice.
    “My name is Jared.” He replied in a soft mesmerizing whisper. “What’s your last name?” I asked. “I don’t think that’s important.” He replied in a harsh tone.
    “Um…I need to get to Spanish. Do you know where it is?” He asked. “Yeah! I have Spanish next to.”
    “Do you want to walk with me to Spanish?” I asked in a shy whisper. “Sure.” He replied.
    So he walked me to Spanish. I introduced him to Mrs. Montez.
    She gave him the seat next to mine. We were partners now. Well Spanish partners.
    We have just about all the same classes except gym. THANK GOD!!!!! I’m terrible in sports.
    The bell rang and everyone rushed to their locker!
    Then I saw Jared walking by himself.
    “Hey! Jared wait up!!” I shouted out.
    “Let me walk you to your car?”
    I asked. “I don’t have a car or truck.” He replied.
    “Well…I can drive you home if you want me to.”
    I offered. “NO!!!” He replied in a harsh, angry, annoyed tone.
    “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said. “Yeah, see you…” He walked off before I could finish.

    Chapter two: the incident

    I had got home, ate a snack and started on my homework, when Sarah called.
    “Hello.” “Hey Erika it’s Sarah, sooo…” “Sooo what.” “You know what I mean.” “No Sarah you lost me. What do you mean?” “I mean so what happened with pretty boy? I saw the two of you talking.” “It was nothing he just told me his name and walked me to the rest of my classes, because we both have all the same classes except for gym.”
    “So what is his name?” Sarah asked. “His name is Jared.” I replied “What’s his last name?” she asked.
    “He told me that it was NOT important.” “Why did he say that?” “I’m not sure, but there is something weird going on and it’s NOT just him. And I think I need to figure it out.” “Uh…Sarah.” “Yeah Erika.”
    “I have to go. I must finish my homework before my mom gets home.” “Okay. See you tomorrow.” “See you tomorrow.” “And oh…be careful!” “I will…try to.”

    Finally, I had finished my boring homework.
    Suddenly I heard my mom’s 2008 Black Dodge Caliber car door slam shut. It sounded like she was mad, or sad, or some type of emotion that I did NOT want to see.

    “Erika! Erika!” My mom shouted out in a panic.
    “Mom what’s wrong?” I asked scared. “Someone robbed the warehouse and I went to go look at the damage because you know that’s my job. And I found…” “Mom you found what?” “A dead body! It was the security guard.” Then Raven my mom busted out in tears, as well as I. I IMMEDIATELY called Sarah, then Brie, then Lori, and then Diana. I told them what happened, they were all in shock, as well as I was. This incident was in ALL the news papers. Everyone who is anyone knew what had happened, but there was more to the story like who killed him, why did whoever killed him kill him? and what did whoever do this steal? So many questions still wasn’t answered. And I’m going to find out why!!

    School was the same when the teachers were looking, but when they were not well…lets just say that everyone was talking about what happened. Lunch time again. Sarah and the rest of us were all sitting in our usual places. Then I saw Jared sitting by himself. “Hey Erika!” “What Lori.” “Your lover boy is sitting ALONE! Why don’t you go over there and sit with him.” “I don’t know. Should I?” “Yeah girl why don’t you go and sit with him” They all said. “Okay! I will!” I replied.
    So I walked over to the table where Jared sat. “Hey, Jared!” I said happily. “Hi.” He said back with a depressed tone.
    “How are you doing?” I asked. “Fine.” He replied.
    “What’s wrong with you?” I asked. “There is nothing wrong!” He said. “Then why are you sitting alone?” “Maybe I want to be ALONE!” He said angrily.
    “What’s with you? All I’m trying to do is be nice to you since you have NO friends! You know what I’m out of here!” I got up then he said… “Erika wait!” He put his hand on my right hand. “What!” I replied. “Don’t leave. Please! I’m sorry that I’m always rude to you; I just think that it’s the best way. We really shouldn’t be friends!” he said “Why shouldn’t we?” I asked “It’s complicated.” He replied “I’ve got to go.” I said aggravated. “Let me walk you. We have to go to the same class anyways.” “Sure. I guess.”
    So he walked me to Spanish and when we got there Mrs. Montez was NOT there. There was a substitute instead. “Um…Mrs. Blanch.” “Yes Erika!” “Where’s Mrs. Montez?” I asked. “She had to go out of town for a few days. Family matters.” She replied. “Jared!” “What.” “Could Mrs. Montez be related to the security guard?” I asked. “Looks like it. Today was his FUNERAL.” He replied. “Oh yeah! My mom told me his funeral was today and she told me that she was going to it.” “Who?” He asked me. “My mom Raven is going to the funeral today with Mrs. Montez.”